A foodie’s guide for unique chocolate experiences in Switzerland

When it comes to chocolate, there’s no competing with the Swiss. The birthplace of Nestlé, Lindt and Toblerone, Switzerland has perfected the art of chocolate-making since 1875 when Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle invented milk chocolate. Switzerland is one of the largest consumers of chocolate in the world, indulging in a record 11kgs of chocolate a year! Going back in history, Switzerland’s affair with chocolate started 200 years ago when François-Louis Cailler opened the first mechanized chocolate factory in Vevey in 1819.

We give you a quick lowdown on how to taste your way through Switzerland with these unique experiences that celebrate the Swiss’ love for chocolate:

  1. Chocolate Tasting with Max Chocolatier in Lucerne

Choose from a variety of experiences led and guided by the ‘chocolate experts’ at Max Chocolatier, from curated tasting sessions to understand the finer notes of Swiss chocolate to hour long workshops that allow visitors to try their hand at stamping truffles, casting and painting chocolate moulds or creating their own chocolate bars, sorbets and ice cream.  Visitors can also sample grand cru chocolate paired with selected wines against the backdrop of Lake Lucerne’s expansive views on the Chocolate and Wine Tasting Cruise.

  1. Explore Geneva with the ‘Choco Pass’

Geneva has a curated chocolate experience for everyone. For those who like to explore Geneva at their own pace, visitors can opt for the ‘Choco Pass’, which can be purchased online and gets activated as soon as you step foot into your first chocolate shop. Introduced in 2022, the ‘Choco Pass’ enables visitors to sample the best of what some of Geneva’s finest chocolatiers have to offer. Valid for 24-hours, each of chocolate shops offers their own tasting plate, which can include the famous Geneva pavé at Stettler’s, a selection of truffles from Sweetzerland, Du Rhône Chocolatier’s pralines or a choice from Favarger’s Chocolate Bar. Children who have a ‘Choco Pass Kids’ will be offered a specially curated selection that features a special surprise!

For those looking for a more structured tour, Geneva has an award-winning three hour guided chocolate experience, where visitors will sample artisanal chocolates, visit Geneva’s iconic city spots and learn about the history of chocolate. The tour includes seven chocolate stops, out of which six are chocolateries and patisseries, as well as the unique Geneva tradition- smashing a chocolate cauldron!

  1. Book a Tour at the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Zurich

Carrying forward a legacy of over 100 years, Switzerland has become synonymous with Lindt chocolates. Welcoming more than half a million visitors each year, the Lindt Home of Chocolate based in Zurich, is one of the most popular museums in Switzerland. Opt for an exciting and interactive guided tour at the Lindt Home of Chocolate, which takes visitors on a journey through the history of chocolate in Europe, with unlimited chocolate tastings and a stop at the famous towering chocolate fountain, which is over 30 feet tall and holds 1,500 kg of chocolate. Visitors can also sign up to create their very own masterpieces under the guidance of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers or drop by the café for a quick pick me up.

  1. The Chocolate Train Tour, Broc

Climb aboard the Chocolate Train for a unique journey that takes visitors from Montreux to Gruyères, finally ending at the factory at Cailler Nestlé in Broc, while enjoying unspoiled scenic views. Passengers can sample some of the finest Swiss chocolate and cheese and even explore the Gruyères castle.

(Pictures and information by Switzerland Tourism )