A love letter to Rome: life, faith and magic

As a child, I always wondered that why would they say Rome was not built in a day! Three days in Rome and I perfectly understood why there’s no other city in the world that would befit this saying. Much has been said and written about this ancient city that saw the rise and fall of the great Roman empire, and it has been one of the most revered metropolises in the history of mankind. And, rightfully so, as anyone who is in love with humanity will be in awe of this city that exhibits the epitome of science, art and architecture at every nook and corner. I leave you with some vignettes from the city of Rome, the ones I could capture for you to share with, hope you like it.

My first trip to Rome was like a visit to the wonderland — the majestic churches, sprawling fountains, carefully preserved ruins and the modern day architecture marvels sprinkled across the city are guided by strategically sculpted angels that look after this magical city with sheer perseverance. I never thought I would say this but whenever I think about the time I spent in Rome, my mind dwells into a deep yearning to go there again and soak up every bit of the Italian capital city.

I can go on praising Roma (as Italians call Rome) but let’s talk about a few key things that fascinated me and many tourists like me. These are some of my personal favourite things to do on a holiday, and if you are a leisure traveller like me don’t forget to make notes. When you go to Rome make sure you eat like there’s no tomorrow — try out the wonderful dishes that are served on the bustling road side cafes, and accompany your meal with the delicious Italian wines and Gelatos. If you are foodie, then you take a day out and do a food walk around the city —  just to sample all the fresh flavours that will leave you asking for more. Pick up the street side pizza slices with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves, or check out the highly recommended spaghetti variations that you come across.

Apart from all the touristy places and sight-seeing stuff, do take out some time and take a stroll in the city — cover the high streets and take a round around the Colosseum — you might end up finding an orange-clad guru floating in the air or you could discover a super skilled artist creating trippy artworks with spray paints or you may spot a newly wed couple romancing on the street — trust me, a walk in the city and you will never forget your first time in Rome!

(The writer is an independent travel journalist, reach her at [email protected])