The good, bad, and real facts about using hemp oil in beauty products

One of the most unexpected trends in beauty right now is the rise in popularity of hemp derivatives, which are gradually becoming an important ingredient in cosmetic products. From treatment oils to facial serum, day and night creams, Ayurvedic body butter, under-eye creams, lip butter, cleansers, face masks, and lip colors – hemp is having a big moment. Brands like Soul Tree, Nykaa Beauty, Colorbar, Khadi Essentials, and The Body Shop India have even launched a range dedicated to hemp for patrons.

With an increased demand in the beauty, personal wellness sector, medical and nutrition industry, the organic hemp seed oil is used both internally and externally. According to experts, hemp is a treat for the skin to enhance hydration, restoration, and balancing skin from harmful external elements. Hemp is beneficial in softening of the skin, reducing acne and anti-aging. There is a big misconception that hemp is intoxicating and can get you addicted to it. Hemp oil is made by cold- pressing the hemp seeds into omega-rich culinary oil and no content in it can be harmful to you.

Permissible legal usage in India:

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis with some natural variations in its phyto composition. It contains a lot of cannabinoids that are beneficial for health. According to beauty experts, hemp used in beauty products is low in THC (a chemical that gives the psychosomatic effect) and it is safe to use it. In the TAC Eladi Triphala and Hempseed range, we have body polisher, face polisher, body, face glow oil, and sunscreen made using hemp seed oil, and these products are quite popular. It is legal to use CBD up to 18% for internal use. It does not have any side effects or is addictive. The US FDA approves hemp having less than 0.3% THC. Hemp also contains over 115 cannabinoids beneficial for the skin and health. A common myth is that hemp is addictive, but the botanical variety of Cannabis Sativa used in beauty products is rich in CBD (cannabinoids) that does not have a habit-forming effect.

Common myths: Hemp seed oil when used in optimal quantities in any of the products gives efficacious results. The common myths around hemp ingredients are that using hemp oil will get you psychoactive but rather hemp oil is known for its medicinal properties and is safe to use. The other myth is that hemp is not beneficial to your skin, but it helps in anti-aging, curing acne, has fatty acids that regulate oil production.

Reasons why Hemp is good for your skin? Hemp oil contains Omega 6 fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it soothes the skin and prevents eruptions. Hemp has anti-aging properties that encourage cell growth and new cell generation. Regular use reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging of the facial skin. The hemp seed oil also regulates oil production in the skin, making it evenly moisturized to prevent acne and eruptions.

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