New to the world of whisky? Start with these smooth brands to get a happy high

By Suman Bharti

Whisky is delicious all throughout the year. However, whisky provides warmth that is undeniable when it rains and the weather gets chilly. There’s no need to let the monsoon season lower your spirits, even though it frequently brings a dreary mood. Here are five great whiskies that will uplift your mood to beat the seasonal blues. Whether you’re an experienced whisky aficionado or are just starting out on your whisky journey, try these selections.

  • HIBIKI: The highly regarded Japanese whisky brand Hibiki is renowned for its superb
    quality, precise production, and mellow flavor profiles. Hibiki whiskies, which are made
    by the Suntory distillery, are well known and highly esteemed among whisky aficionados
    and connoisseurs worldwide. The flavor characteristics of Hibiki whiskies are renowned
    for their harmony and careful balancing of flavors. Different barrel types, including
    American oak, sherry wood, and Mizunara oak, are used to age the whiskies, which
    gives them unique scents and flavors. Hibiki whisky provides a sophisticated and
    engrossing flavor sensation.
  • MONKEY SHOULDER: A well-liked and distinctive blended malt Scotch whisky, Monkey
    Shoulder is renowned for its smoothness, depth of flavor, and distinctive personality.
    Three separate Speyside single malts, a renowned whisky region in Scotland, are
    combined to create it. The whisky’s flavor profile is sweet and slightly fruity thanks to the
    whisky’s mild undertones of honey, vanilla, caramel, baked apple, oak, and spices.
    Monkey Shoulder can be sipped neat or on the rocks to let the flavors gradually meld
  • WOODFORD RESERVE: The Woodford Reserve Distillery, located in Versailles,
    Kentucky, creates the premium American bourbon whisky known as Woodford Reserve.
    One of the best bourbons in the world, Woodford Reserve is renowned for its skillful
    production and dedication to tradition. The Woodford Reserve is triple-distilled. By taking
    this extra step, a smoother, more sophisticated spirit is ensured, improving the whole
    drinking experience. The flavor profile of this whisky is renowned for being complex and
  • SUNTORY WHISKY TOKI: Shinto Whisky, the renowned Suntory distillery creates Toki,
    a distinctive and noteworthy Japanese whisky. It distinguishes itself with a distinctive flavor profile and creative blending methods. Suntory is renowned for its exceptional blending expertise, and Toki is a testament to that. The whisky expertly blends various malt and grain whiskies to provide a well-balanced and intricate flavor profile. The flavor of Suntory Whisky Toki is energizing and bright. It has a delicious and zesty flavor and is distinguished by crisp flavors of green apple, pear, and grapefruit. The light and crisp flavor character of the whisky is influenced by these tastes.
  • THE YAMAZAKI: One of Japan’s most renowned and established whisky distilleries,
    Suntory, produces the coveted single malt whisky known as Yamazaki. As the first
    whisky distillery founded in Japan, it has a considerable historical significance and dates
    back to 1923. A variety of expressions of Yamazaki whisky are available, each matured
    for differing lengths of time and in various kinds of oak casks. American oak, Spanish
    oak, and Japanese Mizunara oak are all used in these casks. The utilization of various
    casks gives the whisky a variety of flavors and smells, resulting in a complex and rich
    drinking experience. This whisky is praised for its flavorful fusion that works well
    together. Usually, it exhibits a harmony of fruity, flowery, and woodsy elements.

(The writer is Founder of Reflex Bar Brewery and Dining)