Wouldn’t it be nice if you could start your day with a delish cuppa of Vedic wisdom and exotic flavours blended with aromatic tea leaves? Well, the good folks at Earthveda an Ayurvedic Tea manufacturer made this dream come true with their awesome tisanes that are 100 percent caffeine and theine free, and are available in six customized artisanal blends — Immunite Tea, Zen Tea, Good Nite Tea, Digestea, Spiced Turmeric Chai, and Indian Licorice & Peppermint Tea. While ordinary tea contains harmful additives, these tisanes (herbal tea) are crafted with the help of Ayurvedic herbs, fruits, flowers, and roots that are excellent for health.

A selection of flavours from Earthveda, use a special coupon code JUNEBUG15 to get 15 percent off (Pic courtesy: Earthveda Tea)

The Tea Story: The Gujarat-based homegrown brand Earthveda, which is 15-year-old Ayurvedic tea manufacturer, had started a Tea Brand Earthveda Wellness in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. It is an outstanding example of Make in India initiative, where right from sourcing of base ingredients to manufacturing the finished product, every single step happens domestically. Founded by Jinang Shah, the CEO of Earthveda Wellness and a tea aficionado, the herbal tea blends were carefully designed and created to cater to the needs of wellness enthusiasts, who wanted healthy alternatives to regular tea during the pandemic.

Jinang Shah, CEO of Earthveda Wellness

The idea to use decaffeinated tea with a combination of healing Ayurvedic herbs for boosting immunity and general wellness was an instant hit with tea lovers, who were missing their regular tea joints and wanted some uplifting beverage in the comforts of their homes. After a series of hits and misses, the founder was successful in creating six tisane blends without natural sugars and artificial sweeteners/ flavorings, which are available in eco-friendly arty boxes and are the perfect gift for family and friends.  

Notes from my Earthveda tea journal: The day I received the box from Earthveda Wellness, I was quite happy to receive the four flavours I wanted to try packaged beautifully in a plastic-free box. I chose Immunite TeaZen TeaGood Nite Tea, and Indian Licorice & Peppermint Tea to begin my experience with the brand. All I had to do was to boil a cup of water, dip the pyramid-shaped bags and wait for 3 minutes till the aroma overwhelmed my senses. And, while I waited for the brew to get ready, I noticed the lovely thoughts scribbled on the teabag tips – something like your Chinese fortune cookie quotes, a thoughtful way to share some positivity every day.

Immunite Tea: My first choice since the pandemic is on and I who doesn’t want to drink up something that restores immunity naturally! I liked the strong citrusy zing from Amla and the sweet aftertaste; priced at INR 212 for a box, it is one of my favourites from the entire range.

Zen Tea: As the name suggests, this blend is meant to evoke the much-needed calmness and quiet in the time of stress. I could taste the fine notes of aromatic Croatian Chamomile, Brahmi, French Lavender and Egyptian Hibiscus as I sipped the smooth pink brew on a fine morning. Priced at INR 270 per box, this Ayurvedic blend leaves a sweet aftertaste and calms your nerves effortlessly.

Good Nite Tea: For anyone with an irregular sleep routine, this blend works like a charm. As I sipped the exotic mix of Croatian Chamomile, French Lavender with Valerian, and Ashwagandha in an unusually tranquil combination with a hint of sweetness, I could feel a sense of mild tranquility before I hit the bed. Priced at INR 270, this is just what you need to slip into a peaceful sleep!

Indian Licorice & Peppermint Tea: This was one blend I was looking forward to as peppermint happens to be one of my favourite tea add-ons. I was quite impressed with the unusual combination and the notable sweet aftertaste. Priced at INR 240 per box, this tea takes you back to a beautiful garden as the magical herbs overpower your senses.

A note to remember: The natural sweetness of the herbs is quite evident in the brew, and most of the time you wouldn’t feel the need to add honey or any other sugar. If you are planning to quit the tea altogether while you transition to tisanes, some of you might experience a common withdrawal with a mild headache or strong craving for caffeine. And, if you are tempted to order it now, use a special coupon code JUNEBUG15 to get 15 percent off on the final bill. Happy sipping!

(The products reviewed are courtesy: Earthveda Tea)