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(Clockwise from top) Abhinav Mishra and Anika Dhawan; A glimpse of Rani Pink store

It is said that weddings are made in heaven but executed on earth; and in a country like India, weddings are as huge as festivals that might go on for days, and sometimes even for weeks. Anyhow, so with big weddings come big responsibilities and for such occasions we have saviors usually disguised as wedding planners. Getting a good wedding planning team is as good as winning half the battle, and today we are going to introduce you to ‘Rani Pink Love,’ who are experts in executing specialised Indian weddings.
This wedding company was founded in 2010 by husband-wife duo, Akshay Gupta and Anika Dhawan along with their business partner Abhinav Mishra, and so far they have successfully conducted over 70 weddings with various fancy themes. This year, for occasions like Mehendi, Sangeet/Cocktail and wedding, the Rani Pink team is focusing on three main themes — the tamarind courtyard, the blue room and the pink room. For the tamarind courtyard the look is inspired by Jaipur, and it features drapes in gold zari work, statement brass pieces consisting with jasmine arrangements placed in front of detailed wall panels with mirror work and block patterns. Whereas, the blue room look features royal velvet blue backdrop accentuated with classy chandeliers and crimson roses. However, their most popular look is the pink room, which comes with stunning strawberry flowers along with gold gota tassels and delicate gold net drapes.
Speaking about the company, Anika Dhawan tells us how the soul of the company is very desi, but the body of work is all about sophistication and aesthetics. From running around for sourcing various elements to customizing a wedding event, the work of a wedding planner is not a child’s play, reveals Anika and says, “I worked with famous wedding planner Vandana Mohan, where I met Abhinav and that’s when we decided to start Rani Pink. The name originated when I was travelling in London and I saw Thomas Pink, and Rani was the most common name used in Indian weddings, hence we called it Rani Pink. We have a lot of traditional elements involved and we do a lot of detailings. For example we did a ceremony where we made 35,000 handmade gota tassels — so we are crazy production team. We also did a ceremony where a mind-boggling cost of 35L was involved and the theme for this wedding was in cream and gold and each panel we used there was detailed and hand-made.”
Speaking about Indian wedding market, Anika mentions, “Indian wedding scene is crazy and almost every wedding has an element of pink. We have introduced neon pink and we are working on a lot of coral inspired shades that will be big for coming season. For 2016, we are working on designs and patterns on chanderi and cotton panels that we will be introducing for next season.”
So, if you are a couple looking for interesting wedding ideas, we would definitely recommend a trip to this unique store and you can surely thank us later!

~ JB

Store address: 114B, Shahpurjat, New Delhi, India

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(Left) The hand made gota tassels, (right top) roses from blue room; (right bottom) jasmine arrangement from tamarind courtyard