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In India people celebrate almost every occasion with immense gusto and enthusiasm — from weddings to festivals, there will be a series of auspicious events lined up in coming months which will include endless rounds of parties with friends and families. In this elaborate revelry, one often tends to consume rich, fried goodies, soft drinks and alcohol, which takes a toll on our health leading to imbalance and weight gain. Therefore, here is a list of exercises which will help manage your weight and will keep you well and fit.
1. Warm up: with jumping jacks, spot jogging, twisting, neck rotations, toe touch etc.
Stretch with tadasan, hamstring stretches and cat camel stretch or ushtrasan and suryanamaskar.

2. Gain strength with squats, lunges and push ups.
Tone your abs with crunches, reverse crunches, lying down cycling and oblique and yogasanas like bhujangasan, Dhanurasan, naukasan and sethubandhasan. Lastly, lie down in shavasan to relax your mind and body and also serves as a cool down after your exercises.

3. Include other forms of exercises like Yoga, aerobics, gym workouts, dance, outdoor activities, swimming etc. You need to devote 30 to 45 minutes of your time, daily for such activities to achieve your goals of strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, tone, mood enhancement and weight management.

4. Sensible and smart eating is the need of the hour as no program can be complete without a sensible diet plan. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, whole grains, nuts, low fat milk and healthy beverages like lemon water, coconut water, herbal tea etc.

5. Prepare festival sweets with jiggery or honey and home- made ghee made from cow’s milk. Opt for healthy snacks like salads, home roasted poha or kurmura with nuts or roasted channa, fruits, unsweetened and low fat yogurt.

6. Eating well is the best way to calm your internal system after overloading your system with food and sweets. Incorporating wholesome and vibrant foods not only provides nourishment to the body but also cleanses, regulates and fortifies the body.

If you follow these simple tips then this season you are good to go with these equipment free exercises. Wellness is for the mind, body and soul, so keep maximizing!

-The writer is a fitness expert for many Bollywood celebrities and a global holistic health guru

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