Eclectic, Eccentric, Extra-territorial – TT’s new line hints Excellence



Indian fashion thrives on homegrown textiles, powerful embroidery and rich craftsmanship that serves as an eternal inspiration to all the top-notch couturiers in the country – and, designer Tarun Tahiliani’s contribution in making these indigenous arts famous deserves a special mention. At the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2015, this renowned designer will be showcasing his love for all-things-Indian with a beautiful line called ‘Our Eclectic New World.’ Before the show, designer Tarun Tahiliani gives Miss Junebug an exclusive insight of his latest collection.

“The collection ‘Our Eclectic New World’ draws inspiration from the splendour of ancient India and melds it with the buoyancy, lightness, finesse and froth that are the trademarks of today’s generation,” says the designer. He adds, “The opulence of Indian textile, powerful embroidery, rich craftsmanship in all its grandeur and sensuality, designed for the time honoured wedding ritual is fused with the tastes of new generation Indians who prefer comfort and fit. Our love for layering evolves into a sensuous vibe with contoured panelling that fits the body like a glove. Panelled veils, jackets, kurtas, saris and lehengas in beige on beige on Basra, Basra creams in frenchknots and tiny pearls will be the highlight for this festive/bridal selection.”

It took approximately six months to complete this line, mentions TT and adds, “There are six sections, roughly — Couture, Ready-to-Wear Bridal, Bespoke Men and our collaboration with Whitcomb and Shaftesbury. At the show we plan to have special music by Gaurav Raina of the Medieval Pundits and a stunning celestial set of the surface of the moon or somewhere in space. It is not modern to pretend to live in the past, besides have eclectic references that use technology along with the human hand: this represents a new lightness- embodied in the collection as well.”



Tarun Tahiliani's latest Bridal wear for BMW India Bridal Fashion Week
Tarun Tahiliani;s latest Bridal wear for BMW India Bridal Week