Who doesn’t love fine dressing? Not just woman but men too are

allured by the idea of designer wear. But buying designer wear

might burn a hole in your pocket until unless of course you have a

six-digit paycheck. Won’t we all be happy if there was a way by

which you could wear designer wear and not bust out your wallet?

Well, lets just say that we have got few designers whose designs are

lust worthy and they wont even hurt your saving. We give you a list

of designer whose designs are happily affordable.

Looking like million bucks is not easy but you can make it easy.

They key is to plan! Before you go to your next outing make sure

you plan your outfit. From day to night designer we have got you

covered. So girls, get ready to look like star.

Daywear: Who said that designer wears are only for hi profile

soiree or a night out? Most of your work is done in broad daylight

so dressing to nine is a must in the day.

Designer Sulakshana Monga says that the simplest and the chicest

way to dress is to pair your jean with a crisp white shirt. Not only it

is the good old smart attire but also it is one set that will carry you

from office to date night. But if you want to add the little bit of

glamour in your outfit than add a bold jacket to your attire. You

can always choose from different size and shape of designer jacket.

Like Soltee by Sulakshana Monga has a huge range of jackets and

crop jackets. Infact their new botanical collection is very wearable

and chic. Best part you can get the below INR 12,000/-

If you are a jacket person than you can always throw a silk scarf.

After all, what is more French and luxurious then a scarf. As costly

as it may sound you can actually get a nice, soft, silk scarf at a very

affordable price. In fact designer Pawan Sachdeva’s latest

monochrome scarf ranges anything between INR 4,000 to INR

7,000/- Next, time you want to add a bit of French luxury in your

outlook, add a scarf.

Eveningwear: Though we might not always go on a night out but if

we check our wardrobe then most of our expensive pieces are

evening wear. Why to put in so much money for one night out

when you can get the same designer look for lesser price.

Skirts are always a good option. They are for everybody and every

body type ! It’s for the office going high profile women to creative

PR girls. Also, you can never have enough skirts.

A pencil tea length skirt is not only is trend right now but there is

so much that you can do with it. Pair your pencil skirt with a crop

top and voila you are already a fashion diva. Not only that you can

always pair your skirt with a jacket and statement belt to give it a

more fashionable look.

You can get beautiful lace tea length skirt and crop top from

Soltee’s latest botanical collection all ranging below INR 10,000/-

a piece. If you are on a quirky side than you can choose statement

skirt for yourself.


~ (contributed by a fellow fashionista 🙂


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Vibhuti Vohra Arora, Director, Red Door Luxury, shares how one can opt for affordable designer wear and look fabulous without burning a hole in pocket !


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