Experience the best of Rajputana hospitality at the Royal Heritage Haveli, Jaipur

In the middle of the buzzing streets of Khatipura area of Jaipur lies a historic haveli from the 18th Century, surrounded by lofty walls that carefully protect the legacy of an era bygone. As I stepped into The Royal Heritage Haveli, I was instantly transported into a realm where luxury seamlessly blended with history. Just a quick flight away from Delhi, a trip to the beautiful pink city is perfect for the winter season when the capital of Rajasthan basks in festive glory.

To give us a warm welcome into her family home, our royal host Shambhavi Singh, director of the property, a trained baker and chef, received us in the plush garden and whisked us into the world of royal history with an elaborate property tour. The renovated palatial building surrounded by acres of sprawling land was established by Sawai Madho Singh Ji of Jaipur in the 18th century and is currently owned by Maharaj Jai Singh. Run by his niece Angelique and her husband Pradip, the legacy of Jaipur’s past seemed to echo through the meticulously restored corridors, and as we walked past the various wings I knew that this wouldn’t be just another luxury hotel stay.

Portal into the past:

The moment you step into the property, the meticulous restoration work becomes evident. “It took almost seven years for us to restore the 21 rooms of this hotel. Every single thing that you see now, right from the décor to the repair work and re-installed plumbing and electricity lines is all done by our family,” mentions Shambhavi, as she shows us around and takes us through different suites. Unlike commercial hotels, here no two rooms are alike, ensuring that each guest enjoys a distinctive experience. With its intricate architecture and ornate detailing, the summer home of the royals which was built as a hunting lodge is now preserved and tastefully enhanced with Rajasthani aesthetic and modern amenities.

One of the remarkable features of the Royal Heritage Haveli is the use of hand-painted tiles that adorn various parts of the property. The restored tiles in the property are crafted by skilled artisans who narrate stories of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage and have artistically placed the tiles according to the colour theme of the suites. The walls adorned in peacock blue and viridian green create a striking contrast with the meticulously crafted wooden furniture.

Each suite is built differently and has a personal touch that adds a special vibe to complete a royal stay. I was lucky to spend my time at the terrace suite with elaborate pink rooms and a gorgeous bathroom accentuated with vibrant floral patterns. From hand-block printed canopies to bright blue chairs and tables, each element of the space is a piece of art that not only beautifies the room but also pays homage to the region’s artistic legacy. The hand-carved wooden furnishings on the king-size beds and meticulously restored frescoes and marble arches; every detail reflects a commitment to maintaining authenticity while ensuring a comfortable stay.

Delightful royal hospitality: 

This boutique hotel truly encapsulates the essence of “old-world charm meets contemporary luxury” with a delectable culinary journey and serene wellness treatments by the poolside. We were particularly fascinated by the heart of culinary mastery at Kigelia Court and The Khatipura Kitchen, where the masters of the kitchen showcased their refined take on Indian cuisine. In the evening, the chefs prepared a special meal with delicious Narangi maas (a mutton delicacy with orange zest revived by the family), grilled kebabs, authentic daal-baati churma, ker sangri sabzi, and some wonderful gulab jamuns for a luxurious dinner that was served around a bonfire seating under the shade of a 200-year-old Kigelia tree, leaving us satiated and full of gratitude. The next morning started with a delicious breakfast and a hearty brunch at the garden area around the Bistro & Bar. However, the best part of my trip was the visit to the in-house Frangipani Spa, where I was treated to a relaxing Ayurvedic aromatic massage for a befitting end to my holistic experience at the regal manor.

Weekend getaway:

Like a portal into the past, a stay in this hotel brings back the nostalgia of the bygone era when the maharajas and maharanis would spend summer in the lavish mansion and indulge in an immersive experience. Strolling through the hotel’s expansive fruit gardens is like stepping into an oasis of tranquility, and the manicured gardens, adorned with fragrant flowers and fruit-laden trees, provide a serene escape. As I relaxed in the peaceful setting, sipping fresh orange juice from the garden and playing with the friendly mutts, my weekend retreat unfolded as a much-needed break from the city hustle.

PS: For travellers arriving by air, the Jaipur International Airport is conveniently located 16 kilometers from the hotel, and the railway station is just 4 kilometers away. To book your stay, connect here.