Minimalism Is The Core Philosophy For This Designer Label That Is Absolutely Pocket-Friendly

Designer Tuhina Mehrotra’s Spring Summer 2017 collection featuring Indo-western and Western outfits

While most Indians are known for their OTT love of colours and designs, the more fashion conscious ones are not taking the minimalistic route for self-expression of style. Though we have been talking about a lot of established and famous fashion brands, it’s never too late to promote the young and talented names.

Designer Tuhina Mehrotra

We recently came across a Delhi-based designer Tuhina Mehrotra, who started her label a year ago by the same name. A graduate in fashion designing, from Delhi’s Pearl Academy, she launched her brand in October 2016 officially by opening up her first flagship store in DT Megamall Gurgaon.

According to this talented young designer, her clothing brand caters to free-spirited and fuss-free modern Indian women, who know the value for money. She recently launched her Spring-Summer 2017 line that has a mix of Western and Indo-western ensembles along with ready-to-wear and made-to-measure outfits for women. One can also find a wide variety of formals, casuals and sleepwear in her store for very reasonable price.

While speaking to us, Ms Mehrotra, who is in her early twenties, mentions the pros and cons of entering the fashion industry at such young age. She says, “There are a lot of pros and cons of being a beginner in the fashion industry, especially in the times of social media. Though you have extremely new ideas and a fresh mind, people see something different than what has been repetitively going on. But at the same time, considering that the world is now in a way dependent on social media, if the promotions are not done accurately, it’s next to impossible for people to notice due to huge competition. Keeping in mind the high costs of promotions, it becomes slightly difficult for upcoming designers to make a mark in the field without compromising on quality and price.”

Tuhina, who relates to most young fashion lovers, understands the importance of pricing her products rights. She says, “The starting price range of our label at current is INR 1,000 and goes up to 20,000. Designer wear is regarded as a costly affair, but we believe in quoting the prices which are just reasonable for both our clients and us. Talking about, how is it profitable for the venture, we would say that “it definitely is because, the more reasonable prices, the more satisfied the clients would be. Not to forget, though the prices are very affordable, the quality of the outfits is not at all questionable. We never sacrifice with our quality, no matter what the price may be.”

Speaking about her latest Spring-Summer line, which is her idea of simple and classy, she says, “The current collection has been worked upon with fabrics like cotton blends, linens moss rayon, poly dutch satins, georgettes and chiffons. The prints and embroideries have been taken from the bohemian period. We like to work on the concept of minimalism, and focus on cuts and silhouettes.”


PS: To find out more about her collection, click here or head to her store in LG-16 DT MegaMall DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon )