Idyllic marine paradise, Four Seasons Resort Maldives Kuda Huraa: review

Marveling at the crimson-painted skies at the sunset, I stood speechless at the pristine white sand banks of Four Seasons Resorts Maldives, when a soft hello from Virgina, the F&B Manager at the resort, caught my attention. As we discovered our common love for gorgeous sunsets and deep blue horizons, she mentioned the mythical “Ithaca” islands from her homeland Greece. Described as a paradisiacal island and kingdom of warrior king Odysseus in Greek poet Homer’s famous poem The Odyssey, Ithaca is the home where he most desires to return after being away for a long time. Just like Odysseus’s love for Ithaca called him back each time, my love for the Maldives brought me back to the exotic island nation yet again, and it felt exactly like home.

A marine adventure at Kuda Huraa: 

For me, this was an extra special Maldivian summer, mainly because my holistic holiday was packed with wellness activities, sea adventures, delicious food, and unparalleled hospitality. As we landed at the Velana International Airport in the capital Male, we received a warm welcome at the Four Seasons airport lounge and soon after a quick refreshment break, we were ushered to the beautiful island of Kuda Huraa on a comfortable Wifi enabled speed boat. Built-in the style of a typical Maldivian village with a marine theme, the charming luxurious island resort is an excellent example of responsible luxury and sustainable luxury practices in the food, wellness, and hospitality sector. Our welcome drink was a sweet local tender coconut with the sweetest water I have ever tasted, and our hostess tells us the name of our island is derived from the local Dhivehi language which translates to ‘Small Island.’

In the lap of Luxury:

After checking into the lavish sunset water villa, I couldn’t stop but take a quick dip in the infinity pool and soak in the blissful sunset. As the flaming orange sun disappeared in the vast ocean, I could see the baby sharks and a variety of colouful fish swimming freely in the reef lagoon. The introduction to sea life continued the next day, when we met the in-house marine conservationists, who informed us more about rescuing oceanic turtles, preserving the coral reef, and other eco-friendly initiatives that are part of the sustainable effort from the resort. The day ended with a gorgeous sighting of endangered pilot whales in the middle of the ocean, not one or two but an entire pod that chased our Dhoni boat and played hide-and-seek in the deep ocean. We end the day with a hearty meal at the Café Huraa which overlooks the beautiful sea and serves some amazing pan-Asian cuisine.  

Sea adventures:

On the next day, we were headed for our first surfing lesson by the in-house surfing expert, who tried his best to teach us the basics of this super fun activity. Unlike our mentor, not everyone had the wash-board abs or the lean physique to stand up against the waves and move swiftly, so most of us decided to just float and play splash in the sea till we got tanned and toasted in the salt water.

After facing the sturdy waves a rejuvenating spa session awaits; and, without any delay, we head there to relax. Over a comforting warm water bed, my therapist treats me with the most comforting healing massage. She slaps a generous amount of orange and ginger oil and uses perfect hand pressure to heal my aching tissues. The hour for relaxation passes by swiftly, and I feel like a newborn again. Post my luxurious spa session, I was ready to taste the best of grilled and slow-cooked dishes at the fine dining restaurant Baraabru, which served the best masala crab, prawn curry, and remarkable cheese naan. 

Without a doubt, this resort is a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable Maldivian experience. Its pristine beauty, luxurious accommodations, exceptional dining, and warm hospitality made it an unparalleled holiday destination. 

(Trip Courtesy: Four Seasons Resorts Maldives. To get a feature, connect at [email protected])