Travel notes on London from Bollywood’s Tina Ahuja’s vacay guidebook

Bollywood actress Tina Ahuja, who made her debut with the movie ‘Second Hand Husband’, is a huge fan of London and calls it her second home. The daughter of Govinda and Sunita Ahuja, is a certified fashionista and loves to take solo trips across interesting fitness destinations. Here’s an exclusive leaflet from her travel notes for Msjunebug readers – read on, be inspired.

Actress Tina Ahuja with her dad Govinda

My Favorite travel destination in India is Punjab, and London for holidaying abroad. I have a special connect with London because I have studied there. I have really good friends and my family spends a lot of time in London, so it’s like a second home for me. When I was studying there, it actually changed me a lot. I got an opportunity to stay alone and I made some new friends and met new people. With time, I had friends who were like family and I became really responsible and learned to take care of myself. When you stay by yourself, you explore the city in your own way and not the way your parents do. You start going to places you feel like going. That changed me a lot as a traveller too.
Now that I know every street in London, so it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Even for those who love to shop, London is the best place to explore as every street has something or the other thing to offer. For instance, on Oxford Street or Regent Street or Piccadilly you see wonderful fashion and luxury boutiques all over; and, co-incidentally they have theaters out there where you can go and check the latest plays going on. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind juggling between India and London, and I visit there at least 2 to 3 times a year.

Some of my favorite holiday activities include trying out good food, trying a new restaurant, shopping from malls and as I am passionate about fitness so quite often you’ll see me visiting a gym around. One of my favourite holiday activities is to explore new kind of workout regimes from different cities so I stay updated on that front while I am chilling on a vacation.

I like to travel in style, and I always carry a nice pair of jeans, a nice jacket, and of course a nice dress in my suitcase. You just don’t know when some dinner party or some kind of a social event may just pop up and you have to go and attend. So these three things are like really basic. I always prefer to carry my beauty essentials like a sunblock, moisturizer, body mist and perfumes. For me, these things are permanent in my beauty case. My latest travel aide is Instagram, and I love to search for all the scenic places on that app. I read blogs about the places I am exploring and read about a new restaurant or a new fitness destination around the world to mark it on my travel calendar. I often pick and plan according to my likes and interests. XX