The art of mapping & raising your energies to dealing with energy vampires, author Nona Walia explains it all

While you plan for life, remember to include an energy strategy as well because there’s nothing better than managing your inner energy to get the best results. In her latest book ‘Own Your Energy: Feeling Energetic in Drained World’, senior journalist and author Nona Walia, spills the secrets of how to harness the energy from within and use it for accomplishing life goals. She also shares some an interesting outlook on identifying various types of energies in your surroundings, and based on her first-hand experiences she doles out some useful pointers to balance the energy flow.

In a candid interview, Nona tells us how to master the art of utilizing the energy.

Nona Walia, author of Own Your Energy: Feeling Energetic in Drained World
  1. Please tell us something about your new book Own Your Energy: Feeling Energetic in Drained World, and what can the readers expect from it?  

Ans: During the pandemic I turned into a trailblazer for human-centered workplaces. My first book The Art of Mental Toughness: Survival Lessons from the Pandemic, was about grit and resilience in uncertain times. I believe we are at an important point where well-being is looked upon with a microscopic lens. I worked in an energetic newsroom for more than two decades. I witnessed lot of wavering energetic frequencies. That became my blueprint for this book. We are at a time when pandemic has drained us emotionally and physically, the world needs to get back their personal energy deficit. We can’t live a tired life. So, my second book ‘Own Your Energy: Feeling Energetic in Drained World’ focuses on energy crisis that affects the human race. We need to master our energy as a skill. We need to constantly fix and manage our energy flows. I believe strongly that energised individuals create energized societies. The book focuses on how to balance energy storms and energy drains. We should know the art of dealing with energy vampires. The book teaches you how to monitor your energy hygiene. Being energetic in highs and lows of life is a life skill.

2. The book talks a lot of factors that govern our energy levels on day to day basis. Can you please elaborate on the topic of energy mapping and how does it help one to stay productive?

The new superheroes of this decade are the ones with abundant energy. There are days when you feel depleted and there are days when you feel charged with energy. I want people to do a daily energy audit to reduce the number of days when they feel exhausted and depleted. There’s a deep science in understanding personalized energy flows, what gives you more personal energy, how you choose to vibrate higher daily. To be more energetic and less tired, we need a daily dose of enthusiasm and excitement. To turn tired energy into electric personal energy, we need to nourish and nurture excitement in our life. We all need an energy strategy. Our energy helps us to show up, respond and contribute positively to the world.

3. The balancing of feminine and masculine energies is a tricky concept, how does your book help someone who is looking to fix this?

Breaking energy into a gender thing isn’t something I wanted to do. But feminine energy is an incredible life force, you must know how to master it. The truth about owning your energy is shining through your feminine mystique energy. Powerful women invoke their inner energy to rise, heal and uplift. Feminine energy is your superpower, tap into it daily. You will never feel weak or negative. The feminine energy is about the intuitive mind – reflective and nourishing. While masculine energy is all about the rational mind – planning and implementing. The balance of the yin and yang energy in each person connects them to their qi, or life energy force. I’ve explored different ways to manage both these energy deficits.

4. Your advice for keeping tiredness and energy drain in check, especially for young professionals, who are constantly juggling between family, work and social life?

Energy is like a radio frequency that can pick up energy storms and winds. The thing about energy is that you are in control of it. When you are constantly trying to work on dynamic energy mode, stop identifying yourself with low vibrational situations. To raise your energy, slow your life. Think of new ways and systems to bring in new energy daily.

Don’t let your emotionally draining energy be around too long, or else this tiredness will become a shadow that you’ll take everywhere with you. People have described this as ‘how our batteries no longer recharge’. Even doing the smallest task seems like a huge exertion. If you are feeling depleted and tired, you need to instantly start working on how to re-gain your energy levels.

5. What’s your advice for someone, who is surrounded by dark energy and wants to turn it around and become more positive? (For example, people who work with toxic bosses or dealing with bullies in school or college)

Do daily energy check-ins at home and work. You will know your energy leaks. We all have energy vampires around who impact our energy hygiene. The little trick is to convert your energy drains into gains. We need daily energy audits to check our energy flows. What is depleting is and what is filling us with more energy. Managing energy is critical in a bad boss work culture, toxic environment and real life crisis. Our energy is our most precious resource. We are constantly depleting it. To keep a pulse on our lives we must renew our energy. If you have an energizing boss, chances are that you feel engaged at work. Energy is the new business capital. Leaders need to align their own energies first and then try to lift the collective energies of others they lead.

Someone who is experiencing more of dark energy at work needs to create more of personal rituals for raising and renewing their energy. Cultivate an ability to take a step back and create some distance from the reactivity. Look for ways to lighten things up – physically, mentally and emotionally. So, learn the trick of catching ‘good’ energy, empower yourself with energetic breakthroughs!

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