Masaba Gupta’s limited edition sneaker line is a state of mind

Designer Masaba Gupta’s Puma sneakers talk about mental health issues

Designer Masaba Gupta just dropped a line of limited edition sneakers and launched 50 pairs of hand-painted shoes showcasing the crossover between art and fashion. For this particular range, the designer,  uses the shoe as a canvas for self-expression and introduces two design concepts – Anti-anxiety and Identify. She has used her signature quirky prints and motifs to depict the struggles and state of mind of the current generation.

This is Masaba’s first-ever sneaker collaboration with Puma, through which she highlights the mental health of the present generation. “I feel today’s generation wants to move and grow at the speed of light without even pausing for a second to take a better look at their mental health. Anxiety almost seems like a curse on this generation and therefore the anti-anxiety shoe just sheds light on this issue. Identity is another issue that needs to be addressed, I believe a lot of our validation comes from various external factors and amidst that, the generation has forgotten its true identity. The Identity shoe is a reminder for this generation that the key to finding yourself lies in knowing where we are, what work we do and always remembering the purpose. Anxiety is a trap; it’s not a trend to be followed. It’s not supposed to be cool, it’s meant to be fixed,” mentions the designer.

Masaba, who recently collaborated with a beauty brand, a jewellery brand and released a line of merchandise for Game Of Thrones, is grateful for all the collaborations that come to on her way. Speaking about her spree of brand associations, she says, “As a young and growing brand, it allowed us to explore all the segments and keep experimenting. Our brand is known for its eccentricity and to look at ordinary with a different and vibrant eye. We have incorporated the same in the Puma Cali shoes too. Since print is our DNA, we’ve utilised our iconic motifs such as the palm and the caricature to bring out the message clearly. For me, inclusivity is a very important subject because it’s a diverse world and every person is different and unique. I think it’s necessary to have something for everyone, and we strongly believe in reflecting this ideology through all our products.” 


Priced at INR. 6,999; PUMAXMasaba CALI sneakers are available at and at the PUMA store on Linking Road, Mumbai