The poolside area at the Chariot beach resort
The poolside area at the Chariot beach resort

By Nivi Shrivastava 

December is the month of the holiday all across the globe; officially or unofficially we don’t care as long as we are on a vacation. Call it the end of year syndrome or a great start to the next year – everyone wants to be in a gorgeous spot to welcome the brand New Year. A few week backs, away from my cold base city (New Delhi) I was sun-bathing in Mahabs, popularly known as Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. The word Mahabs was something I learned from the hip local girls, who told me that’s how they refer to this amazingly pretty town situated about 60 kilometres (37 mi) south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Now I have been to South of India before and in one of my previous trips and seen the UNESCO monuments earlier, but this time was a different itinerary all planned and arranged by the Chariot Beach Resorts. The three-day trip organized and fabulously executed by the team, left me totally refreshed and I had a great time staying in this gorgeously green and clean property, located right on the shores of Coromandel Coast, Bay of Bengal.

Sea, sand, and sun – what more could have I asked for at this time of the year, but the travel gods were not only pleased with me but gave me a bonus for being such a good girl! While I had the best of time being in the pool and by the sea, I was impressed by the area of the property which included a huge private beach area, an Olympic size pool, an outdoor dining area, a rock garden, a spa and various levels of cottages and suites. The most interesting bit was that every guest could get a personal golf cart and hop from one place to another, so if you are one of the lazy kinds you don’t have to worry about walking so much (personally, I love long walks and it keeps my Fitbit happy too!).

If I have to tell about my stay at this seaside resort, I loved every bit of the vacation which was especially chalked out for me and a couple of other travel bloggers who were invited to be a part of this experience. Here are my top reasons to recommend this to a friend or a fellow traveller:

The poolside and untouched seashores:

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There is something magical about water bodies – the closer you go, the calmer you get. If you are a water baby like me, you would love to be at the Chariot resort solely because it gives you an access to waterside activities all throughout your stay. Now we have already told you about the beautiful sunrise and sunsets that we witnessed during our stay, but the best thing about this place is the Olympic size pool area filled with clear blue waters. If swimming is your favourite thing to do, you wouldn’t get out of this man-made wonder, we promise! Find yourself a few friends, and play water games or be on the inflated boat and just float all day. Life is good when you are next to a beach 

Cozy cottages and seaside suites:

Who doesn’t love the idea of a small little hut, with a coconut? Well in this case, the dream of living the beach life with all modern day luxuries is accomplished as the resort offers you a variety of accommodation to choose from. The rooms, suites, and cottages are priced at different rates starting from INR 5,000 onward – depending on your budget and requirements. Some are next to the pool, while some face the sea – all sprinkled across the property and tucked between tall coconut trees that sway all day. Oh! Did we tell you that all cottages have an open-air bathing area next to the main bathroom, so if you have a ‘take a shower in the open skies’ in your bucket list, you can cross it here!

Walking distance from famous UNESCO Sites:

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Interestingly, the resort gets its name from the famous Chariot temple (of sun god) that’s located just next to the property. A walk on the beach will take you the group of monuments at Mahabalipuram, built in the 7th and 8th century and are now preserved under the UNESCO World Heritage site. If you are a history buff and you love to pose around the ancient ruins carved by the Pallav kings, you will find a lot of interesting things here.

Delish Food platter:

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If you love seafood or you are a big fan of Southern Indian cuisines, this place will offer you some amazing gastronomical delights. While I had a great time eating all kinds of Indian and continental preparations, I would really recommend a foodie to sample all the variety of seafood like lobsters, fish and crab preparations that the chefs offer here. Also, the delish dosai and idli sambar are a must have if you are staying here.

A soothing spa and recreation center:

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From traditional spa and wellness treatments of South India to relaxing therapies by the sea—the resort has an exclusive Ayurvedic spa zone to cure your stress and lifestyle issues. We had a great time learning about the ancient massage here (read the next post to find out what happened). Indulge yourself in Abhyangam – Uzhichill (a traditional energizing treatment with medicated oils), Abhyanga treatment and Udhvarthanam (unique Ayurvedic treatment specially designed for weight reduction by reducing cellulite) and more when you stay here.

If you are planning a New Years’ Eve, this is a place we would recommend for you and your loved ones (Oh! they have an offer going on for special NYE packages and you can always give our reference or use the code ‘Nivi500 to avail a discount). We hope after reading this travelogue, you too feel like booking a flight and head to the Southern shores of India to welcome a beautiful 2018.

(The writer’s trip and stay was arranged by Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram)