Construction, Detailing & Finish Defines Couture For Anju Modi

Deepika Padukone showcases a creation by designer Anju Modi (inset)

The 10th edition of India Couture Week 2017 has already started and we are damn excited to see what will be the biggest trends for the season. We have handpicked some of our favourite names from Indian fashion to give you their take on modern Indian couture. The first in the  ‘Know your designer’ series is designer Anju Modi, who will be showcasing her collection ‘Sunehri Kothi’ on July 27, 2017 at Taj Palace.

Deepika Padukone showcases a creation by designer Anju Modi (inset)

JB: Please tell us something about your new collection. We have seen some really cool bridal trends from your label in past few editions, what should we be expecting this time?

AM: My new collection ‘Sunehri Kothi’ is inspired by the deserts of Rajasthan, the miniature art that has flourished under the Rajputs, and of course the architectural marvels – more specifically a humble palace – the Sunehri Kothi. Inspiration aside, for me each collection is a way of me sharing my perspective with brand patrons, brides, media, fellow designers and of course the discerning buyers. With this collection, you can expect to see more of my unique perspective on Rajasthan – a place that has been a cultural melting pot, and continues to be an inspiration for many arts and artists!


JB: As a designer, what are the top 3 qualities that you look for in a couture ensemble?

AM: Construction. Detailing. Finish


JB: If you could change one thing about traditional bridal wear in India, what would it be?

AM: I think that designers have continued to refresh the Bridal/Groom-wear market with unique styles and designs to keep the traditional updated and fresh. However, it is sometimes heartbreaking to see the hard work you put behind each ensemble, mercilessly plagiarised and replicated! So I would probably say that the Intellectual Property laws are something I’d like to change.


JB: What is your take on the current handloom revolution in Indian fashion?

AM: It is so refreshing to see that handloom is becoming more and more mainstream than just a niche, because as more awareness is brought to the handwoven textiles, the traditional artistry and age-old craftsmanship, the more it will flourish and prosper. With mass production, machinery had replaced man and many craftspeople were struggling to uphold crafts that were traditionally passed from generation to generation; but with this boost and encouragement to handlooms and other traditional arts, it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm and rejuvenation of mindsets with the craftspeople’s community!


JB: How do you define luxury when it comes to fashion? Would you say that using all thing expensive/rare to make an outfit makes it luxurious or is it the art and design that makes it bespoke?

AM: Luxury Fashion is I think a culmination of both! It is about the art and design, but also about the fineries – the textile, the material, detailing, finish. And all these ingredients create an item of Luxury, a piece unique and rare!


Here’s a preview of Ms Modi’s upcoming couture line:

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