Nariyal Cafe
Nariyal Cafe

There’s no doubt that the good people of Delhi are absolutely in love with beaches, mountains or any place that has a chiller vibe to it. Now I’m not exactly a food expert, but I surely know some of the best places to chill in city – thanks to my job and to my wonderful friends that I get to see the best in town as soon as it’s launched. In this post I’m going to tell you about a coastal hideout called the ‘Nariyal Café’, my latest discovery at the Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.


Why is it called the nariyal café?
While some may call it a contemporary coastal bistro, we thought the best way to describe the ambience would be calling it a shack-inspired eatery that serves really amazing food. The Interiors are done in a nautical theme in shades of pastel blues and is accentuated with colourful oars and coconut shells as interior props.

I don’t know how many of you are fond of coconut, but personally I love everything about the fruit and maybe the chef of the place has same taste buds as mine because every item in their menu has some or the other part of coconut (I mean obviously the name is quite suggestive, but really they used coconut in all possible ways that one can imagine).

Do they use coconut in everything they serve?
Yes, quite a lot. Right from garnish to using coconut milk, pulp, oil and water in the recipes – this food joint has utilised the flavours of coconut in all possible combinations. And, if they couldn’t use the fruit in any form directly, they use the shells or leaf of coco to serve the dish – how cool is that?

What to eat at the café?
Well, there a plenty of dishes and drinks that one can try at this place that is coconut inspired or derived from the coastal cuisines of South India, Goa, Maharashtra and South-East Asian countries. Now depending on your eating priories, you can choose from a variety of items in the menu – a special bonus for non-vegetarians would be mutton sukka spaghetti, the chicken Chettinad, mutton biryani and Goan prawn curry sliders, Kerela fish Moilee, appam-stew and delicious Thai curry. If you love salads, you must try the superfood salad made of oats, quinoa, pomegranate seeds and more. And, a great option for soup lovers would be Malay laksa ( A take on classic Malaysian soup which comes with healthy garnish and is a must-have at the café).

What are the specialities?
Well, the café serves some amazing variations of nariyal paani in flavours of coffee, strawberry, mango and peach (with your name engraved on the shell !). It also has a variety of yummy shakes and desserts like espresso rasgulla with salted caramel ice cream, rasmalai tiramisu and Murgugan chocolate bomb (which is filled with delish tender coconut ice cream).


Tell us if you have already visited the place or plan to do it soon, we’ll be happy to hear from you in the comments section below.