Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Won’t it be great if there was one magical concoction for all skin and hair related problems? Well, we recently tried and tested one of the most popular products from UK’s top Organic Health and Beauty brand Neal‘s Yard Remedies  — the Wild Rose Beauty Balm — which is famous for its “multi-functional” effects on all skin types.

The organic aromatherapy brand has over 50 stores in the UK and is present in 21 countries, across the five continents. Neal’s Rad Remedies is world’s largest certified organic health and beauty products company, and it opened its first store in Delhi at Zehen, Centre for Wellbeing, at The Manor with its signature cobalt blue bottles accentuating the decor of the shop. So, if you need to shop some really cool products for men and women, you know where to go.


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Anyway, coming back to the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, which claims to be 99 percent organic and costs approx INR 3,000 for a 50 gram jar in India. This product has many wonderful uses and has won “best beauty product” in many countries. Here are the top five things we thought were really useful for Indian skincare.

    1. Use it as a make-up remover, it clears all kinds of cosmetics without much effort.
    2. Daily skincare cream, moisturiser and lip balm to restore the moisture content in the skin.
    3. Use it on the tip of hair to prevent split ends.
    4. Use it as a night mask to prevent ageing and relax your skin.
    5. Use it as an exfoliating cream to clean the dirt from your face.

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If you have used this product or plan to use it, do tell us your experience in the comment section below.


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