It’s really funny how every year some words creep into our daily vocab and become really important – and, if someone fails to keep up with the latest lingo (could be new word or a fusion of words or even a popular abbreviation) we send them to the “outdated” category with Shakespeare and friends!

Anyhow, new words or old, everything seems fine to us till people really start using, abusing, misusing the “it” word. Doesn’t it bother you to hear the same thing again and again?

So 2016, like most years, was a mixed bag and there were a few words that were especially the highlight of this eventful year. Although each “it” word of 2016 had its share of limelight and was discussed and dissected in every way possible, we decided to compile a list of top 5 words that really shouldn’t come back in 2017 for whatever reasons.

MITRON : Thanks to our PM, ‘Mitron’ (a word in Hindi, which means friends) was declared as an unofficial code for catastrophic times ahead.

DEMONETISATION : Demon… what? Well nobody in India really understood the term on November 8, 2016 when it was used in a speech. But, before they could understand what it actually meant, the damage was done.

BREXIT : The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union in June, 2016 was an international subject of discussion. Any takers for UK’s sinking economy?

BIGLY: Popularised by US President Donald Trump, this term picked up after Mr Trump frequently used it during his election campaigns. Oh! FYI, even the jury at Lake Superior State University’s annual list was quite miffed with the term it seems as they sent it straight to the banned words for 2017.

AF : Short form for ‘As Fuck’. We thought this was the silliest slang that picked up online among millennials in 2016, who use it as a suffix after every freaking word! Really guys, think of something better non-AF !

Tell us if you agree to this, even if you don’t, feel free to tell us why! Happy 2017 

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