It was not the first time that i had to speak to a stranger on phone, but this was the kind of talk that went beyond work. It was one of those talks that went on forever. We spoke extensively about our lives when he had called for the first time. He said that he mostly likes to keep himself immersed in work. He told me a lot of personal things and i felt he was too lonely. It was a late night chat and strange that our sober conversation about life happened at a time when i was tipsy. I had nothing substantial to add to this chat because on the other line was a stranger i had never met. I kept giggling at every story he told me, and he kept saying ‘don’t judge’. Next day i tried remembering the conversation, and i could only recall our silly giggles. He was soon gone to a far off place he called his second home, maybe for good. This strange conversation stayed with me. If i meet him i would most definitely tell him that no matter how strange our lives get, but i would never judge.