In life, there are clearly no blacks or whites, and the shades in between are often too ambiguous — i would say it’s like a mix colour palette that gets richer as days go by. Unless you wipe off the previous colour, the palette keeps getting thicker with layers of shades, and looks extremely convoluted after a point. It’s an irony as most of us are trying to create our own rainbows, but we end up in a grey conundrum — how does that happen? no one knows. However, before we blur the lines between fashion and romance, here’s something that’s meant to tickle your wild instincts in the bedroom. If you don’t like things vanilla style, then a prop here and there shouldn’t harm your preferences. From sexy satin blindfolds to metallic handcuffs and ticklers — here’s a little something that should definitely consider to spice up your romance Fifty’s style.



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Deluxe Wrist Tie


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