Ladies, if you see this happening in your relationship, you are in trouble. Time to move on *ASAP*

The distracted boyfriend meme went viral for a reason. Don't be bitter if he is just not that into you, just dump him and move on
The distracted boyfriend meme went viral for a reason. Don’t be bitter if he is just not that into you, just dump him and move on

Dear women, love can turn you blind and if you are going through some tough time in your relationship we are here to kick in some sense into you. If you are in a committed or casual relationship but you don’t feel the connection, maybe you need to dig in deeper and find out what’s happening. Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks, only leads to a bad hangover and no one wants to be in that place, right? If he thinks he can put you on hold forever, then don’t let him waste your time and make the right decision for yourself and ask him to get lost.

If you have tried to nudge your partner and he is giving you vague answers that include words like “uncertain” or “unsure” about your future with him, then maybe it’s your cue to move on. The sooner, the better coz no one has the right to take you for granted. Obviously, it’s not like you’ll get rid of him overnight, but if you see the love fading out, you gotta do something about it. In a healthy relationship, there should be no room for mixed feelings.

There are a million reasons to leave an unsure guy behind, but here are the five red flags you must watch out for.

1. He needs time, but has no deadline: It’s quite rare that two people feel the same way at the same time, and if your partner wants to take time its okay. But, you need to decide and give him a deadline to make up his mind about you so that it is crystal clear. If you guys are too new in a relationship, it is still acceptable. But, if it’s been a long time and there is no effort from his end, there is some issue. Find out and act accordingly.

2. He is not giving his 100 percent: Let’s helps you rip off the band-aid, and help you understand why you are heading towards a black hole. If he is a fuckboy, he won’t be investing much in the relationship. It will always be a half-hearted effort and please don’t be okay about getting treated like a plan B.

3. He is unable to decide: Do you really want to be with a guy who can’t make decisions? Think again. Life is always unpredictable but do you want to be stuck with someone who can never take a call and will always act like he is absolutely clueless? No sane person would do that — it’s either in or out. There’s nothing in between.

4. He is taking you for granted: An unsure guy will give you subtle signals about how he actually feels for you. No PDA, and strictly not meeting his family and friends. High possibility that your guy is fickle-minded and lacks confidence in you. Even if you guys get married or manage to stay together, he will never treat you with the respect you deserve. So save yourself and say no to him as soon as you can.

5. Dump before you get dumped: No one likes to get dumped, and especially by someone who wasn’t even sure about you. Avoid reaching this tragic point and do yourself a favor by asking him to leave. Save yourself the unnecessary drama and do the right thing.

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