From Power Suits to Peplum, fashion’s chic metamorphosis in 2024 unfolds

In the sartorial sphere, where trends evolve in the blink of an eye, the year 2023 witnessed a style revolution that transcended the ordinary into the extraordinary with a dash of unabashed glamour blended with sophistication and rebellion. The reigning monarchs of the runway throughout the seasons were trends like power pantsuits, comfy co-ords, logo mania, risqué crop tops, and the Barbiecore colour palette. These kitschy trends crafted a narrative that resonated with the audacity of the modern muse and was a hit with Gen Z and millennials. As we brace for 2024, these styles continue to evolve with an unapologetic celebration of individuality and our fashion experts pick their favourites.

Short stories:

Whether it was Prada with short shorts for men on the runway, or Milo Ventimiglia wearing them on the streets of LA along with accessories like Jacquemus micro mini bags and Louis Vuitton’s Micro Duffles, the Micro game was strong in 2023. Similarly, the crop tops trend stood out in various forms – it was classic and elegant but brought with it an appeal to high fashion and unique styling opportunities. Designer Yuv Bharat Ram, founder of fashion label Primal Gray, opines, “For 2023, one of the biggest trends in the fashion landscape was Micro-Minis, a trend that I see going into 2024. The minimalist micros got a lot of attention for their non-functionality yet high fashion appeal. With Spring and Summer around the corner, I feel like this trend will continue not only for accessories but men’s fashion as well. Barbiecore was one trend that didn’t resonate with many but made news for being too trendy and specific to a popular event like the Barbie movie coming out, once the hype died down so did the trend. It’s the complete opposite of creating a sustainable and conscious wardrobe that lasts through seasons, so I’m happy it is not continuing into next year already.”

Power suits:

From the red carpets to city streets, celebrities effortlessly embraced the power of the pantsuit in vibrant prints, bold hues, and diverse silhouettes. Drawing inspiration from these iconic moments, designer Yadvi Agarwal of the label Yavi wholeheartedly advocates for every working woman to include the versatile pantsuit in her office ensemble. The designer feels a well-tailored suit isn’t just a garment; it’s a statement. She mentions, “A meticulously tailored pant-suit elevates your aesthetic, whereas an ill-fitted counterpart diminishes it. In 2024, bring a fresh, sophisticated twist to this classic sheer trend. Sheer dressing is less about baring it all and more about crafting nuanced, layered looks that strike the perfect balance between daring and demure. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Priyanka Chopra, Malaika Arora, and Rihanna have recently stunned in sheer amplifying the trend’s allure and sophistication. And, for the Barbiecore trend – while it was fun and nostalgic, it’s time to say goodbye and move on.”

Future of fashion:

In the year bygone we saw a feisty return of the colour red, and as we move ahead the colour palette has undergone a chic metamorphosis, transitioning gracefully from the passionate red to the sophisticated hues of soft ‘Peach Fuzz’, the Pantone Colour of the year 2024. According to designer Felix Bendish’s predictions, “In 2024, polka dots may emerge as the playful protagonists of the style narrative, gracing garments in prints and embroidery. Peplum silhouettes, belted trench coats, and power suits with blazers will dominate the scene. A spotlight on wearable pieces tailored to diverse body types, featuring dramatic shapes, strong shoulder play, and a nod to Gothic influences will be huge among trendsetters. The symbolic butterfly motif takes flight in 2024, representing rebirth not only in accessories but also in making its mark in architectural elements through prints and embroidery. Lastly, making a triumphant return to the fashion forefront, Bermuda shorts will make a comeback as a statement piece for luxe and comfortwear.”

Take a chance on colour combinations:

In the past year, matching co-ords emerged as the dynamic duo, defining the art of coordinated chic, while logo mania imbued every ensemble with a touch of irreverent luxury. Speaking on what’s next, Akshay Narvekar, founder of the label Bombay Shirt Company, remarks, “I feel like “dress down to dress up” is going to be the vibe of the New Year. I’ve always been a fan of looks that do a lot without trying too hard. Jeremy Allen White is someone who absolutely nails this aesthetic. His clothes are classic but his fits are effortless and I hope this is one trend that’s only going to get bigger in 2024. One trend that I could do with seeing less of is everything super coordinated or very matchy-matchy. I find that when I throw all the dressing “rules” out of the window, I come up with interesting combinations that are unique. Getting dressed should be about taking risks and having fun. You’d be surprised how different colours and patterns go together, and if you never try, you never know.”

Shoutout to sustainability:

The year 2023 saw the rise of sustainability in fashion, a trend poised to amplify in 2024 according to experts. Aastha Mahtani, founder of the label Tao Paris, says “Icons like Emma Watson and brands like Stella McCartney championed eco-friendly practices, driving this movement forward. I vouch for the timeless elegance of neutral tones and the comfort-driven designs dominating the year. In the New Year, I see the sneaker trend fading away and being replaced by formal, refined, and elegant footwear choices that will take center stage with a growing emphasis on sustainability.”