Basking in the success of Made in Heaven season 2, Indian actress Sobhita Dhulipala is overjoyed and actively embracing new endorsements. Praised for her captivating Indian features and glamorous on-screen presence, Sobhita opens up about her fashion preferences and industry idols in an exclusive interview.

As a runway diva, the Telugu actress, originally from Vizag, expresses her affinity for Delhi, which now feels like a second home after shooting two seasons of Made in Heaven in the capital. Sobhita shares, “Delhi has always been good news for me, and now my sister is also married and has moved to the capital, so it’s pretty awesome to come here.” Addressing speculations about her own wedding plans after portraying the astute wedding planner in MIH, Sobhita envisions herself as a bride who prioritizes enjoyment and authenticity. She remarks, “I don’t know what kind of bride I’d be, but I think that at the end of the day, a wedding should be enjoyed and lived and felt truly. I hope brides should pick clothes that make them feel beautiful but also they should feel like themselves on the big day.”

Known for her love of Indian wear, especially saris, Sobhita’s style is evident in her public appearances and social media posts. With a preference for handloom over foreign brands, she shares, “I enjoy dressing up, I feel like I have two fashion personalities that I alternate between. I enjoy the vintage and ethnic aesthetic, and I also like the modern Western wear that is easy flowing and feels comfortable. There is great joy in trying everything, and my recent journey has been about learning more about Indian fabrics and textiles.”

Further delving into her handloom love, Sobhita reveals, “I shop from a lot of handloom global houses, and I really love collecting clothes that are handmade by weavers. India has a very strong heritage when it comes to textiles and handicrafts, and I have a personal interest in it, so I love buying such fabrics. I like to know how it’s made, and how it gets processed, and that’s something that excites me a lot. I visit a lot of handloom stores and meet weavers; I am hoping to go to Banaras to explore the weavers’ community there.”