First date fails that are certified red flags  

First date jitters are the real deal, and if there’s one thing you should always do on such occasions is listen to your gut feeling. Whether you are straight or homosexual, a common thing to remember on date one is to notice details. Of course, you’ll be a bit nervous but remember to keep your ears and eyes open, the small things you would notice will help you decide if you want to see them again for a second date or not. Here’s some classic first date fails that is generally a big NO-NO for any sensible person.

  1. Past imperfect – If you start your date with a sob story about your past relationship or some current tragedy at your workplace or family is bound to make everyone uncomfortable. Maybe they would console you out of politeness, but that’s your cue to end it right there. At least know them well enough before you unleash your inner sadness on someone without a warning.
  1. Phone addicts – Someone once told me that if a person is always busy with his/her phone on a date, chances are they are not even interested in you. To check your phone every next minute or keep posting/ scrolling on social media during your date is so insulting. If you are sitting with someone with an attention span of a two-year-old, it’s only fair to let them have a relationship with their phones. They don’t deserve human, anyway.  
  1. Snobbery – No one likes to hear stories of your “influential” friends and “insanely exclusive” experiences because frankly speaking it just says one thing about your personality – a pretentious snob! The name dropping and self-congratulatory stories are very boring, and no one is interested in these shallow talks. If you want to impress someone, take it easy, and try to make them comfortable by talking about common things. 
  1. Drunk on dates – A big turn off is drunk, abusive behavior that could be highly inappropriate for someone, who is meeting you for the first time. Even if the other person offers to pay, it’s not fair to take advantage and order expensive drinks from the menu. No one wants to see a drunkard or an addict, so avoid people who get high or stoned on dates. 
  1. Zero presentation – Anyone who isn’t sure about you will hardly put in the effort to impress you. If your date turns out to be sloppy, un-groomed, and unhygienic in any way, just don’t twice and ditch the idea of seeing them again. It’s a complete disaster to be turn up like a hobo on a date; it simply shows a lack of seriousness and no regard for the other person.
  1. Over-friendly aka creepy – If he/she is calling you “baby”, “sweety” or something like that in the first 15 minutes of your date, then it’s the case of a desperate date. Staring nonstop, using suggestive innuendos, and making sexual gestures is also a big turn off, and not friendly in any way. It’s better to run for the hills ASAP if these borderline creepy signals bum you out.