An “influenced” wardrobe for your next holiday? Follow these fashion tips

In the ever-shifting landscape of fashion, our sartorial sensibilities mirror the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms. Like a kaleidoscope, our perception of dressing transforms with each passing fashion trend that floods our daily feeds. Instagram influencers, draped in high-street ensembles, strike picturesque poses against stunning backdrops with the ubiquitous #OOTD (outfit of the day) hashtag, giving rise to moments of FOMO (fear of missing out). Love it or loathe it, the endless scroll on Instagram undeniably wields a profound influence over our holiday and leisure attire choices. So, why not draw inspiration from these influencer-inspired wardrobes for your next getaway and, who knows, become the next viral sensation?

A Luxurious Love Affair: Not confined solely to the realms of mainstream fashion, travel has emerged as a pivotal source of inspiration for luxury trends that lure millennial consumers. Eager for instant validation on their social platforms through picture-perfect posts, these globe-trotting creators fuse bold fashion styles with their tales of wanderlust. Leading international luxury brands have even curated capsule collections tailored for leisure travel and flaunting impeccable airport looks. Kate Spade New York’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection radiates the essence of summer with its vivacious colors, whimsical patterns, and chic accessories. Featuring a delightful array of dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, and accessories such as stylish sunglasses, straw hats, handwoven handbags, and embellished sandals, this range effortlessly infuses a touch of glamour into any ensemble. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton’s ‘LV by the Pool’ collection offers a relaxed wardrobe suited for seaside and urban holidays, comprising ready-to-wear outfits, bags, silks, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, and accessories—a fresh approach to destination dressing and living, whether your getaway is near or far.

Dare to Be Different: The seismic shift brought about by influencers in the realm of fashion cannot be understated. What models once did for the runway, influencers now replicate on online platforms. Welcome to the captivating universe of influencer marketing, where online fashionistas champion stylish clothing, accessories, and shoes, endorsing trends and receiving remuneration from brands for their creative prowess. Their cool quotient lies in their ability to craft inventive styles and execute fashion-forward concepts with ease, capturing the hearts and engagement of millions.

While we sit in the comfort of our air-conditioned offices and homes, we, too, find ourselves captivated by the tantalizing trends of “travel and fashion goals” and “hot girl summer.” Coordinating with breathtaking sunsets and sunrise photo opportunities, opt for enchanting floral sundresses or select pieces from a cool-toned spectrum that meld jewel-toned purples with cobalt and powder blues to create that awe-inspiring shot. Explore latest collections from home grown designer labels, offering stylish attire catering to all body types, emphasizing your figure’s most flattering features. The relaxed silhouettes in rust, orange, and sunshine yellow prove perfect for leisurely breakfasts, shopping expeditions, and touristy escapades. Utilize fuss-free belts and smocked embellishments to draw attention to the waist—a simple yet effective technique.

Fusing Aesthetics: In the era of influencers, fashion has become more democratic than ever. Whereas fashion magazines once catered primarily to the elite, today’s influencer-inspired styles owe their success to the innovative use of colors and accessories that create WOW-worthy images, regardless of their practicality. Here in India, we witness influencers seamlessly blending Indo-Western silhouettes to forge innovative styles. By pairing a traditional sari or lehenga with a trendy, midriff-baring crop top, you, too, can craft your unique style. For those who lean toward minimalism, the label “Summer,” designed by Priyanka Gupta, offers the perfect canvas for exuding boho vibes, combining vintage aesthetics with Indian silhouettes. Pretty floral prints on billowing fabrics in pastel shades of powder blue, peach, and pink, delicate mukaish work, dainty mirrors, and sparkling sequins introduce a delightful feminine touch to your travel wardrobe. Don’t forget to pack a standout piece that’s both versatile and stylish; pack a glittering jacket that effortlessly pair with pants, dresses, saris, and skirts, ensuring a dash of glam at every turn.

Insta Validation: In the age of social media, we find ourselves well-acquainted with back-to-school trends, workwear essentials, and date night styles. For young jet-setters, the color palette has grown more vibrant, yet comfort and sustainability remain paramount. Among accessories, footwear reigns supreme on social media, boasting a dedicated and discerning audience. While wedge heels, wrap-up sandals, and chunky sneakers have enjoyed their time in the limelight, fashion aficionados now gravitate toward trends that seamlessly blend style with practicality. Discover the essential heels, strappy sandals, edgy metallic gladiators, and comfortable flats by the label Tao Paris, designed to turn heads wherever your journeys take you. In the face of a rainy day, an active day, or even a lazy day when comfort triumphs over style, quality footwear is your best choice.