Bollywood hotties share love for funky eyewear, check out their latest style

Sunglasses are seriously cool. They have this amazing power to make you look super stylish and add a touch of mystery. Not to mention, they protect your eyes from the blinding sun. Whether you rock a classic aviator style or go for those oversized frames that are all the rage, sunglasses are the perfect blend of fashion and function. So, here are our favourite actors who totally rocked their shades on the red carpet:

First up, we have Aparshakti Khurana. This guy knows how to bring some serious fashion game. He effortlessly pulls off the trendiest sunglasses, and it’s like he was born to look cool. Check out this picture where he’s sporting some funky shades with a flashy silver outfit. It’s pure style goals!

Ranveer Singh, the epitome of trendsetting, fearlessly graces the red carpet by donning a captivating array of statement eyewear. His audacious spirit is reflected in his eyewear selections, seamlessly blending sophistication with boldness. In this image, Ranveer effortlessly sports a stylish pair of shades alongside his casually vibrant ensemble, further distinguishing his unique style quotient.

Varun Dhawan effortlessly fuses stylish sunglasses with his outfits, exuding an air of sophistication. Whether he’s on the red carpet or enjoying a casual day out, his skilful pairing of shades with attire defines his distinctive style. He skilfully harmonizes fashionable eyewear with his clothing, radiating charisma while providing sun protection. An exemplary instance of his fashion sense is seen in the seamless combination of a casual printed shirt and shorts ensemble, complemented by a playful pair of white-rimmed shades. This showcases his impeccable fashion sensibilities and reinforces his role as a trendsetter.

Arjun Kapoor stuns on the red carpet with his impeccable style. His choice of black-rimmed red shades, paired with a sophisticated brown tuxedo, showcases how even modest eyewear can transform an entire ensemble, epitomizing his fashion prowess.

Aparshakti’s charm to Arjun’s elegance proves that the right eyewear elevates red carpet style. Their cool glasses add charisma to their captivating personas. Which actor’s eyewear choice is your favourite?