Taking the high road with top tequila brands

Tequila is named after the town of Tequila, which is located in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. The production of tequila has a long history that dates back to ancient times when the indigenous people of Mexico first fermented the agave plant’s juices. Tequila is enjoyed in various ways. Some people prefer to savor it neat, at room temperature, while others enjoy it over ice. It is also a crucial ingredient in many popular cocktails such as Margaritas, Tequila Sunrise, and Palomas. Here are some top brands that are known for their exquisite offerings in India.

1800 Blanco: A high-quality tequila made from agave grown in the Jalisco highlands. A soft, crisp moth feel with delicate earthy flavors. This product is made from 100% Weber blue agave that has been aged for 8-12 years and picked at its peak. The liquid is double distilled, and a special collection of white tequilas is mixed in for added complexity and character. As a result, the premium tequila has a smoother, more intriguing flavor than most others on the market. The clean, balanced taste with hints of sweet fruit and pepper is perfect sipped neat, on the rocks, as a shot or in a cocktail. (MRP: INR 7,950/-)

1800 Reposado: This tequila is made from 100% Weber blue agave that is 8-12 years old and aged in American and French oak casks to give it a flavor that combines agave and wood. With 1800 Reposado, shot enthusiasts can enjoy a smooth and well-balanced tequila experience. It was expertly crafted and captures the spirit of Mexico’s tequila heritage. The aroma of agave and hints of oak, combined with its rich, golden color, prepare the palate for an extraordinary tasting experience. Because of its velvety texture and complex flavors, including vanilla and caramel, the Reposado is ideal for sipping or serving as the star of any shot. Every shot of 1800 Reposado becomes an opportunity to toast the tequila spirit. (MRP: INR 7,950/-)

1800 Anejo: Discover the exquisite allure of 1800 Anejo, a remarkable tequila made with care and precision. This tequila exemplifies unadulterated excellence because it is made entirely of 100% Weber blue agave harvested at its peak of perfection between the ages of 8 and 12 years. It has been painstakingly aged in French oak barrels for at least 14 months, revealing a finish that is mesmerizingly spicy and well-rounded. Toasted oak undertones, vanilla, and butterscotch flavors all blend together harmoniously to delight the palate. The deep and rich character of the 1800 Anejo promises a luxurious drinking experience that lingers long after the last sip. With each sip, enjoy the unrivalled craftsmanship of this tequila and elevate your moments. (MRP: INR 7,950/-)

1800 Cristalino: Hand-selected 100% Weber blue agave is aged in French and American oak barrels before being married in port wine casks. 1800 Cristalino, a company dedicated to excellence, is redefining tequila shots. It has a unique blend of aged tequila that is crystal clear and enticing. The end result is a sophisticated and immaculately smooth spirit that invites enthusiasts to explore its intricate layers further. With each shot, the palate is embraced by notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, providing an exquisite sensory experience. 1800 Cristalino elevates the experience of taking a traditional shot by embodying grace, sophistication, and the pinnacle of tequila craftsmanship. (MRP: INR 15,000/-)

Jose Cuervo: Jose Cuervo Silver is a true silver tequila that is smooth to the touch. Jose Cuervo’s Blanco, the first commercially produced tequila, is the result of a two-pot still distillation. The liquid embodies the spirit of Jalisco’s lowlands as well as over 250 years of tradition and expertise. The Jose Cuervo recipe and manufacturing process have been passed down and upheld by a family of businesspeople, inventors, and risk-takers. It’s easy to see why Jose Cuervo is considered the most prestigious tequila family in history. (MRP: INR 3,150/-)

Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado : As a brand, Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado captures the spirit of Mexican tequila culture with its distinct flavor and heritage. Crafted with expertise, it blends traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques to create a truly remarkable shot experience. Its reposado expression offers a smooth and balanced taste, with hints of oak and vanilla. Each sip reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity, making it a favorite choice for tequila enthusiasts seeking a reliable and enjoyable shot. Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado embraces its rich history while embracing the dynamic preferences of today’s tequila connoisseurs. (MRP: INR 3,250/-)

(Information and images courtesy: Monika Alcobev, a leading importer and distributor of premium liquor in India)