From their chic business suits to cute sweaters and plaid minis, Korean TV actresses and actors are 10 on 10 when it comes to fashion and styling. From BTS’ J-Hope and Jimin to the girls of NewJeans, these Korean celebrities are now the faces of international style campaigns.

The gorgeous tweed jackets and pastel mini dresses with cute sneakers and animated accessories – there’s something so eye-catchy about Korean fashion that just any K-drama or K-pop show would be incomplete without the mention of it. While there are clearly very different genres in the K-fashion inspired by TV shows, pop music, and cinemas – the most popular styles that are donned by leading actresses of K-dramas and K-movies are listed below.

Power suits: With their waif-thin physique and toned bodies, Korean actresses are often seen wearing bright coloured business suits in shows like Vincenzo, Business Proposal, Crash Landing On You, Green Mothers’ Club  and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Most hit shows have depicted hardworking professional leads in fitted skirts and silk blouses with stylish blazers to show their love for high-end brands and style. One can also take note of the classic pinstripe pant suits and double-breast suits that are shown on successful CEOs and businesswomen who carry androgynous looks effortlessly.

K-pop icon J-hope is the house ambassador for Louis Vuitton

Plaid love: While Korean fashion is all about famous brands and expensive accessories, humble plaid designs are also quite popular. From beautiful checkered shirts to pants in combinations of red, blue, black, and white, the craze for plaid outfits is an integral part of Korean fashion. In popular teen K-dramas like Boys Over Flowers, Best Mistake, School 2017 and Extraordinary You, the lead cast is often seen wearing stylish plaid skirts and uniforms that look anything but nerdy.  

Pastel and prints: On one hand, most Korean actresses in TV shows are particularly crazy about cute outfits and anime-inspired accessories that make them look younger, they are also seen wearing a lot of pastel colours like powder blue, baby pinks, mint green, and mauve that are simply adorable. Pick any show or any favourite character, and if you notice the wardrobe and colour palette used for younger characters you can easily see the pretty colours and styles are incorporated especially to enhance the “cute” factor. Take inspiration from series like My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Oh My Venus, The Heirs, The Swoon and many more. 

Sweater and overcoats: The cold season depictions in K-dramas are worth copying for a fabulous winter wardrobe. The gorgeous sweaters, waistcoats and overcoats that you’ll see on the actress paired with soft feminine dresses and expensive boots, scarves, and mini purses, are far better than runway catalogs put together. Check out the stylish cast of shows like Private Lives, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and My Love From the Star, and get some inspiration on winter layers.

Pop and athleisure wear: With the global popularity of K-dramas like Squid Games and Racket Boys one can easily notice the rise in demand for athleisure wear among the fans, who love to binge-watch and lounge in these comfortable outfits. A lot of young people also take inspiration from K-pop stars and dress in track pants, jersey, slim-fit pants, miniskirts, and metallic jackets to add that extra shine to their daily wear.