Five reasons why you should switch to cruelty-free skincare

We know it’s easy to reach for hyped products without putting much thought into what goes into making it. However, with so much awareness about what goes into what we put on our skin, it’s time to take notice.
With the current change in beauty trends and people becoming aware of the intensity of these testing methods, cruelty-free brands have now become quite popular. To put an end on using animal tested, skincare we need to know why is there a need to do. A team of beauty experts from Quench Botanics lists down 5
reasons on why one should switch to cruelty-free skincare.

Animal Testing for Cosmetics and Skincare Is Unnecessary
Cosmetic companies already have a list of over 7,000 ingredients that are already proven to be safe. More humane alternatives are out there and technology has made them only better and more accurate. These include Vitro diagnostics, cell culture tests and computer modelling. There is sufficient existing safety data to render animal testing for products obsolete.

It’s More Sustainable
Being more mindful of what we consume is always a good thing. Moreover, animal testing labs produce considerable quantities of toxic waste that is extremely damaging to the environment. Plus, with mindful consumption, we buy only the things we need, reducing waste.

Saves Lives, Quite Literally
The influx of cruelty-free products means that companies are slowly but surely adopting more ethical practices and shutting down animal labs, sparing lives. This helps preserve eco-spheres and prevents species extinction. A lot of cruelty-free companies also donate to green causes!

It’s Better for Your Skin
Cruelty-free skincare uses fewer chemicals than most animal-tested brands. These ingredients are tried and tested over a long time and have been proven safe through other methods of testing. Plus, you don’t have to live with the death of a cute bunny on your conscience!

You’ll Be Supporting other businesses
A lot of brands test on animals. Switching to cruelty-free brands help support causes close to your heart. You’ll be contributing to your country’s economy as well. You will have a plethora of brands to pick from, as more and more companies are choosing to forgo animal testing. Plus, there is the added benefit of feeling great knowing that you’ve made a positive difference in the world!