A dash of fitness with Hummel’s sporty range, perfect for lounge and leisure

It’s always a good idea to mix an element of fitness with festive to find the perfect balance. While this is the time to adorn something festive, the cool and creative ones are making the most of it by adding a zest of fun to the regular gym and sportswear. The newly evolved athleisure wear from Hummel is ideal for the indoor and outdoor lifestyle. The latest Hummel collection for men and women is perfect for a casual work meet, stretchy enough for the yoga mat, and comfy enough for the sofa.

A screen grab from Hummel’s online shopping website

Sporty at heart:  

Hummel is a Danish manufacturing company of sportswear and is known for manufacturing high-quality apparel for football, rugby league, futsal, handball, basketball, shinty, volleyball, and esport teams. The Hummel logo is a stylized bumblebee, as Hummel is German for “bumble bee”. The brand also offers apparel and footwear for children alongside its fashion sub-brand, Hummel HIVE.

Being one of the oldest sportswear brands in the business with roots in football and handball, Hummel has previously been worn by football teams such as Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Southampton, Benfica, and the Denmark national team. Today, Hummel continues to sponsor clubs and players within handball and football.

The company was founded in 1923 by Albert Messmer and his brother Michael Ludwig Messmer, with the name “Messmer & Co” in Hamburg, Germany; that same year, the Messmer brothers introduced the first football boots to the world. Hummel became Danish after being taken over by Bernhard Weckenbrock in 1956, who moved its base to Kevelaer, North Rhine-Westphalia. Since 1999, Hummel has been a part of the Danish Thornico Group founded by Christian and Thor Stadil.

My experience with the brand:

Taking the fashion world by storm, sporty and athleisure wear is a constant WFH (work from home) trend, which might not fade out anytime soon as both men and women love the fuss-free office looks. As a brand, Hummel fits perfectly in the category and has a vivid collection that ensures comfort and style for every age group.

The latest collection online strikes the right balance between smart and relaxed. I picked three products to add to my workout and daily wear wardrobe and I was so impressed to get the delivery the next day at my doorstep. With easy-breezy pink track pants from Hummel and a stretchy bralet in black, I have a perfect option to show off my sporty side. All I need now is the motivation to work out without fail! 

To uplift the mood and add some colour, I added a splash of neon purple slider to my collection. I love the slider as it goes well with my socks and is super helpful for the winter season. The best part of my online shopping spree, the total was all under INR 1,500, which is so pocket-friendly.

As comfort remains to be the keyword, Hummel’s brand strategy has evolved in that direction. One can also check out bright sportswear and pair it with highly comfortable sneakers and accessories online. For those who like to try out the brand, check out the link and let us know your experience in the comments below.

(Brand review by Nivi Shrivastava. To reach the writer, connect at [email protected])