Discover Ayurveda’s beauty secret with Kumkumadi oil

Do you have a dresser that’s mostly occupied with a wide range of skincare products? One for your dark circles, one for acne, one for random blemishes and one for dry skin, maybe? How about one-stop solution for all your skin problems? According to the experts, the answer lies in a magical beauty potion — Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil, a special blend of more than 25 rich herbal ingredients including Kesar (Saffron) and Rakta Chandana (Red Sandalwood). This particular tailam (oil) is one such enchanting elixir that can work wonders when used for a multitude of skin issues.

An ancient and traditional Ayurvedic facial oil, it is also called the “Roop Mantra” of Ayurveda. The formula for Kumkumadi Oil was discovered thousands of years ago by the Ayurvedic scientist Maharishi Angarak. From the old Ayurvedic texts and books, it is known that Kumkumadi Oil has been used for long to soften and brighten the face. It is quite popular for bringing a shining radiance on your skin. Kumkumadi Oil was used in ancient times only in the households of rich and wealthy such as the Kings and Queens to enhance their beauty and also because it has been considered beneficial for centuries.

The key ingredients of this herbal oil also help in relieving stress to boost your confidence

Here are some interesting therapeutic effects of the oil for your skin:

Provides soft and glowing skin
The key ingredient in Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil (Tailam), Kesar, is popularly known to give out a golden glow to your skin if applied regularly. The application of this oil on your face, in circular motions, can increase the blood circulation and result in improving the radiance of the skin.
Brightens dull skin
Since 5000 years, Kumkumadi Oil is being used to treat dull and damaged skin. Both the main ingredients of Kumkumadi Oil, Kesar and Chandan, are well known for their function to rejuvenate dull skin cells and also improving circulation of blood, which in turn results in brightening the skin complexion. Along with that, the skin lightening properties of Sandalwood helps in retrieving a smooth and glowing complexion.
Reduces hyperpigmentation of the skin Hyperpigmentation of the skin is usually caused by the increased melanin content in our skin. This can occur due to various reasons and one of them is the pollution that our skin has
to battle daily. The skin brightening powers of Kesar and Chandan in Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil will help in the depigmentation of the skin. Therefore, be sure that using Kumkumadi Oil regularly can aid in getting rid of the dark spots on your skin.

Kumkumadi Oil can help in getting rid of most of your skin issues and get you radiant skin.

Regulates oily skin
Even though Amrutam Kumkumadi Oil (Tailam) is an oil, it can aid in regulating your oily skin by reducing the production of skin lipids which are responsible for causing oily skin. This will eventually result in a reduction of acne and clogged pores. Being a light oil, it is not much of a problem for those having oily skin.
Provides relief from skin itching and fights acne
The soothing function of the sandalwood helps in providing relief from skin itching and skin irritation. The herbs in Kumkumadi Oil like Kesar and Chandan are full of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can result in treating acne-prone skin effectively. This oil is suitable for all types of skin and easily takes care of a lot of skin problems single-handedly.

How to use this beauty elixir?

  1. Clean your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry.
  2. Taking a few drops of Kumkumadi Oil on your palm, start applying it on your face and neck area.
  3. Massage the oil on your face in circular and upward motions for about fifteen minutes.
  4. Let it rest for another fifteen minutes.
  5. Then you can wipe off the excess oil with a cotton ball or a wet face towel.
    It is recommended for those who have oily skin, to use a minimum amount of oil to avoid greasiness. You’re most likely to get the best results if you keep the oil on your face overnight.

(The beauty information and tips are courtesy Amrutam)