Shoot, Share, Print – Three Simple Steps To Store Memories Of A Lifetime   

Exploring Canvera’s latest service #Yougraphy in association with HP at their recent tech meet in Delhi
Exploring Canvera’s latest service #Yougraphy in association with HP at their recent tech meet in Delhi

By Prachi Shrivastava

Personally, I feel that a visit down the memory lane is one of the most therapeutic activities for me on a dull day. In fact, I know a lot of people who flip through old photo albums to glance through their best memories when they feel lonely – and they always bounce back with positivity.  In today’s age, when most of our pictures are stored digitally, I feel the charm of a printed picture is still the same.

Recently, I came across Canvera’s latest service called #Yougraphy in association with HP (Technology Partner), which made me a fan of printed photos once again. Canvera, which is a leader in photography and printing services, organized an event in Delhi to demonstrate how easily one can transform photos in print and create memories for a lifetime.

The event was an engagement of popular bloggers, media and social influencers where the company showcased a playground comprising of experience centre, selfie booth and a live demo zone.

The idea was to transform pictures into beautiful memories, instead of storing these photos in hard disk or phone’s memory card.

Yougraphy has some exciting and quirky collection which includes photo prints, posters, canvases, photobook and sharebooks, calendars the ideas that can help you create your own photo album or a larger-than-life canvas.

They also provide display kits like magnetic ropes, wooden photo stands, rope and clips, wall safe tapes, magnetic hangers on their websites.

Yougraphy playground created for photo enthusiasts

The digital tech brand focuses on customer satisfaction and hassle-free online ordering procedure through their website and ensures timely delivery.

HP has joined hands with Canvera deploying the art of Indigo Digital Press technology and is offering a wide variety of prints to its consumers which are non-tear able and weather/waterproof printing.

The prices of the photo prints start from INR 10, while the prices of accessories start from INR 250 and other products range from INR 120 to INR 7,000.

Through the yougraphy range, one can browse through multiple options as per their need and choose from different sizes, paper quality, patterns offering photo prints in three categories-square, landscape and portrait, customers can choose from glossy, matte or velvet finishes.

You can print your photos or designs into bright posters that come in two variants: framed or rolled, or turn them into fine art canvases, either rolled or mounted. I created my own mini-photo album using glossy and matte prints, take a look below.

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So, click here and find out how you can frame your special memories from weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduation ceremonies and holidays with Canvera‘s core expertise in three simple steps – click, share, print!

(The writer is an IT professional and a self-proclaimed technology lover, who is crazy about new gadgets. Write to her at [email protected] )

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