Personalized Gifting Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Find your perfect gift on
Find your perfect gift on

There’s a reason why greeting card shops are so popular among people of all age groups — they are the best place to find memorable gifts for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, festivals etc without spending a bomb. Now imagine if we had a gift shop with compartmentalised gift options depending on the requirement of occasions and relationships — won’t it be your favourite portal to go to?

While gifting needs no reason, it is also very important that one should be able to select the right gift for the right occasion without wasting too much time or money. While looking for an overseas gifting portal, I recently came across an interesting online platform called (Indian Gifting Portal) that turned out to be my one stop solution for sending gifts to my outstation friends.

While the website boasts of a global footprint with almost half of its orders originating from outside of India and almost one-third of its orders getting delivered internationally to more than 90 countries across the globe, I was very impressed to see various sections of gifts for men and women. Also, a great feature on free shipping for USA customers just made my day for I didn’t have to worry about spending extra money on delivery charges.

Anyhow, I wanted to send a birthday gift to my friend who lives in New York, and so I clicked on the occasion and price that I wanted to spend — and voila! I found a list of gifts that I could pick and choose from. I wanted to customise her gift and add another item so i looked up for something more and created a small personalised gift box for her in no time. Within 15 mins I was ready to send her gift and since it was a surprise I waited for her reaction. Just before her birthday, I got a phone call from her and she was over the moon to receive her gift — and, I was happy to know that she loved it.

I was really happy to have discovered this unique portal that helped me browse through a number of gifts, and next time I know exactly where to go when I have to send something special to someone! Do tell us about your gifting experience using in the comments section below.