Tricks To Get A Perfect Wedding Album Revealed: Brides And Grooms You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These Tips

Photo courtesy : White Frog Production
Photo courtesy : White Frog Productions

Do you ever wonder what goes on in a bride and groom’s mind on the day of their wedding? Apart from the usual jitters and cold feet, there’s a very important thing that modern couples really care about – a perfect wedding album – for their social and personal memories, of course!

Kunal Khanna

We always wanted to understand how some brides and grooms along with their guests look so perfect in every frame, and so we found someone who happens to be an expert in this department. On behalf of to-be brides and grooms, we sent a volley of questions to Kunal Khanna, Director of White Frog Productions – and here you go peeps, discover the perfect tips to look perfect in every picture.

  • Angles are very subjective for pictures to come out great; photographers can’t be contingent on a particular angle as a rule. Although, a close shot of the bride’s most appealing profile can work wonders.
  • Any and every photographer will agree that the dawn and dusk time is the best time to shoot outdoors, without artificial lighting. The jargon they use for it is ‘Golden Hours’. So your photographer might not want you to miss this time for a shoot.
  • Besides that, a good theme with a lot of genteel and cheering colours in your venue can light up the entire photography for your wedding album.
  • The colours you choose for your lehengas or sherwani respectively can make a difference. Always go for bright colours for day’s functions and darker tones for night’s affairs.
Photo courtesy : White Frog Productions

Brides-to-be pay attention:

Always smile — A beaming face when captured on camera, makes the best of wedding pictures. After all, happy girls are the prettiest.

Make up check — Be sure to wear the right makeup for the right time. For example: go for softer and milder makeup when shooting outdoors in bright daylight. And you can go with the bold and vibrant makeup for the night.

Light-en up — Good lighting helps the photographer take the best shot. Always have quality lighting around you.

Photo courtesy : White Frog Productions

Men, here you go:  

Be confident — Wear your confidence smugly. A face radiating confidence will equip the photographer and you’ll get the best of pictures clicked. Don’t forget that just as your bride has her bridesmaids, you have your best men who you can rely on when in need.

Smile, it’s your wedding — You never know when and which corner the photographer is clicking you from. And you don’t want to spoil the pictures with a deadpan face. So smile!!

Photo courtesy : White Frog Productions