Italian sea coast (photo: Insight Vacations)
Greece sea coast (photo: Insight Vacations)

So how often have you had the chance to enter the Sistine Chapel in Rome for a private tour with an expert? Or while you vacationed in Paris did you spent a day with a food connoisseur for a gourmet walk to sample local delicacies? Well as dreamy as it sounds, a few lucky tourists get to experience the best of local culture, food, history in the lap of luxury when they plan their holidays with the experts.

Recently, Insight Vacations announced its luxury gold holiday packages in collaboration with Signature Tours by Creative Travel. The event was held at the Imperial hotel in Delhi, where John Boulding, CEO, Insight Vacations, mentioned about the first-of-its-kind Luxury Gold features introduced for the Indian market.

Here are a few highlights from the curated tours across the world, that will give you a chance to interact with historians, artisans, chefs, growers and local legends while-while you spend holidays in unique destinations:

1.Venice, Italy: While you’ll be staying in 5-star luxury located directly on the Grand Canal, you can enjoy wonderful seafood on the fisherman’s island of Burano and join an art historian for a private visit to the magnificent Doge’s Palace. After relaxing in a luxurious gondola, you get to interact with a master craftsman who will reveal the secrets of glassblowing.

John Boulding, CEO, Insight Vacations

2. London, UK: Get a private invitation to the legendary Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London and immerse yourself in a 700-year-old tradition.

3. Florence, Italy: Dine in the elegant surroundings of Piopponero restaurant in the 16th century Villa Le Maschere while watching how executive chef Giuseppe Frabetti prepares exquisite food and engages with you while you sample his delicious, authentic, epicurean delights.

4. Cambodia: See ancient rice cultivation in the mountains of this impressive land and take a Vietnamese cooking class.

5. Australia: Learn the art of rock interpretation from an aboriginal elder at exclusive cultural sites in places like Arnhem.

6. Cusco, Peru: Visit an artisan weaver to encourage the continuation of the 10,000-year-old Peruvian weaving tradition while in Toronto, watch closely how the centuries old tradition of ‘mukluk’ shoe making is still maintained to protect Canada’s aboriginal cultural heritage.

Australia Sydney Harbour (photo: Insight Vacations)

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