Lets reclaim Diwali by lighting up these special diyas


Indians love their festivals more than anything else in the world and what better proof than Diwali. In most countries lighting crackers could get you behind the bars but we have an entire day dedicated to fireworks and lights, and people complain about freedom!

Lately, social media is full of anti-Diwali posts and that’s so unfair to people who actually love the festival. Of course in polluted metro cities people have to consider the air and noise pollution but there are better ways to enjoy the festivities — go figure!

Thankfully, India is not just about metros and a lot of people in smaller towns and villages celebrate Diwali too (without harming the environment so much, actually!) Yes, traditional Diwali is much better than commercialised gift boxed ideas.

Anyway the good news is that this Diwali falls on a Sunday, so a lot of corporate people didn’t have to fight for Diwali holiday. Small mercies!

For the other less fortunate ones, here are my special diyas to brighten up your day. Here goes the list.

1. For those who are working on Diwali : My first #prosperity diya is for those who are celebrating the dreadful #OfficeWaliDiwali. We can’t thank you enough for being the silent martyrs in our socio-economic scene, my heart goes out to your dedication and determination. And, if you are doing this for a MNC I am sending you a box of soft wipes as your Diwali gift, you need it buddy!

2. For those who are away from their families: While some papers are calling Diwali a vacation that calls for at least five days of no work, we understand some people have no choice but to be away from these festivities. My next diya for #happiness is for those who couldn’t be with their families on this day.

3. For those who are hooked on to their virtual lives : Diwali is a time for digital detox, if you are clinging on to your virtual lives and ignoring the real fun around, i feel terribly sorry for you. Here’s my #getreal diya for all the social media addicts. It’s time you go offline.

4. For those who lost their money at card parties
: It’s a sign my friend, don’t play with money. The ‘acche din’ myth is yet to burst and you shouldn’t be so callous with money. Since you’re already bankrupt this year, we shall light a #wisdom diya for you.

5. For those who are looking for a miracle: Just so you know, things don’t happen overnight and if you need something you have to work hard to get it. Perhaps, if you can make someone happy today with a good deed you’ll get a step closer. So here’s a diya of #love for you.

Hope you too light a couple of diyas for those who need light more than others, till then keep sparkling!

Happy Diwali peeps! Keep it clean.