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She is one of the hottest presenters at the IPL cricket matches, and Archana Vijaya – a certified fashionista that she is – is taking her game to next level with her online accessory brand KISS. Recently, we met her at the launch of KISS pop party where she spoke to us about her passion for accessories. Her maiden online venture KISS stands for Keep It Simple and Sexy, and it aims to make everyone between the age group of 15 to 50 years more stylish and sexy.

Archana Vijaya launches KISS
Archana Vijaya launched her label KISS

From anchoring shows to designing accessories, Archana tells us why she decided to start this portal. “Being in the glamour business I always had my stylists and personally I love to accessorize. However, there are lots of people who love accessories but they do not have stylists to guide them so I wanted to start a portal where people from tier two and three cities can also pick up the latest trends in accessories,” she says. fin 3
Speaking about the business plans, she adds, “Right now we are only aiming to promote accessories for both men and women – and, here one can find bags, sunglasses, hates, cufflinks, tie pins etc that are designed, curated and sourced by me. The shift is towards online marketing so starting a portal only for accessories was a good idea as consumers are looking for better deals, and I have been in a competitive business all my life so challenges don’t scare. All the stuff is priced between INR 599 to INR 8,000, so everyone can buy something. I think one has to think out of the box and giving really good service to your consumers, at the end of the day if your consumer is happy they are definitely going to come back to me.”
Archana mentions that she wanted to use the name “Kiss” for her label as she used this word too often on her social platforms. “If you see my logo it has wings so it has a lot of connotations to it like angelic and free-spirited, and everybody loves to kiss so why not! If I have to give one advice to people, I will just say don’t over accessorize and keep one statement piece to highlight your look – so Keep It Simple and Sexy!” she wraps.
So, if you are a big fan of KISS, let Archana’s accessories be your guide to do it right. Shop at !