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A blend of rustic and royal

  There are occasions when sophistication of a good handcrafted ensemble overpowers everything machine-made. One such designer, who truly believes in the art of accentuating handmade Indian fabrics and converting them into unique pieces, is Samant Chauhan. The designer recently showcased his enormous Autumn-Winter 2015 collection at a high-end store and told us some interesting facts about his latest line.… Read more →

Thin edge of the Wedge

So most ladies aspire to be well-heeled (not just money-wise, but we are speaking purely about sole-ful purposes); however, not everyone is too comfortable with high heels and the search for that “perfect pair” with a cutting edge advantage is always on. Thankfully, a few decades ago some kind soul came-up with the brilliant “wedge heels” solution to solve biggest shoe issue that women all over… Read more →

Sheen and Shine

Show me a girl who doesn’t like a bit of sparkle and i’ll give her an option that she can’t resist. If you are a big fan of tattoos and decorative body art then here’s something that will excite your inner fashionista. A few months back i came across a really cool design trend that was popular in Singapore and some… Read more →