Chris Hemsworth had a good time working for Bad Times at the El Royale

Set in the year 1969 movie revolves around the seven strangers and their seven secrets in search of their own identity or either running away from something. Each living in their own universe ends up to El Royale hotel near the California-Nevada border that carries a dark past. A series of events unfold at the hotel, the strangers become acquaintances by sharing their shady secrets.  The lead actor of the movie, Chris Hemsworth, shares his experience while working for this iconic 2018 American neo-noir thriller.

Q. Your experience of working in Bad Times at El Royale?

A. Before signing up for this film I had a detailed look at the script. The idea of a neo-noir thriller film with such a storyline made me readily agree for a role. The whole shooting sequence went like bliss and was enjoyable due to the immense hard work put in by the entire team. I do hope the audiences would enjoy Bad Times at the El Royale which is one of a kind. The script is one of the best things I have ever read, the cast was incredible, either I have heard great things about or have seen amazing work. Everybody was in such an integral place in this puzzle and one person who did not drop the ball or did not show up there was something missing on the sets. I am just very happy that everyone just put in so much for their roles. It is one of the most collaborated movie sets I have ever been on. The most enjoyable sets I have been on.

A still from Bad Times at the El Royale

Q. Tell us about your character and was it hard to play?

A.  I felt everything very foreign from what I have done before, surprisingly the role was easy may be due to such an amazing script, that says you can’t go anywhere else but this terrain you got to roll the dice and take that kind of risk. Yes, it was very satisfying. Billy Lee, My character is a coke leader, manipulative, charismatic which is kind of essential for the script. There had to be a sense of humor but also true set of manipulation and sociopath kinda guy. He might look like he is giving answers and trying to help but it is actually an opportunity for him to feel responsible. I just wanted to highlight this kind of toxic masculinity in the world so that there was something sexual about the guy- addicted to power and control.

Q. What time is the movie set in?

A. The movie is set in a hotel, where 7 strangers meet, 7 secrets all searching for something an answer an object, running from something trying to find who they are what their place in the world is but at the same time they all collide which pretty much ends up to be a recipe for a pretty chaotic situation at the El Royale. Amazing soundtrack and this film is a beautiful shot.

Q. How did this role land in your kitty?

A. I have known Drew Goddard from the cabin in the woods days. We worked together years ago, I contacted him one day, this was just an opportunity for me to work with him again. This film was out there, I immediately rang him and sad why you haven’t offered this film to me, I read it and right away said yes! Lets go and never looked back.

The film is set to be previewed on Sunday, January 19th, 2020 on Star Movies. Interview courtesy: Wizspk Communications & PR

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