Month: September 2015

Beat blues with floral finish #contest #giveaway

#contestalert #giveaway
Dear beautiful girls, time to beat the winter blues with a stylish floral scarf that will instantly pep up your ensemble. This pretty scarf by #fusionbeats could be yours if you send us a beautiful photo of you with an interesting way to wrap a scarf. The winner will be featured on our blog and will get this amazing accessory delivered by mail, so mail in your entries on or just go to our face book page Ms Junebug​ and post it on our wall. Don’t forget to share your post as the maximum number of likes\votes for your scarf styling will decide your winning chances.
deadline for the contest: 10th october, 2015
results will be declared on 12 th october, 2015
Watch out the space for more alerts !

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You can win this stylish scarf, participate in our giveaway contest.
You can win this stylish scarf, participate in our giveaway contest.

Divaesque trends for A/W 15

Recently, women’s fashion apparel brands, 109° F and Fusion Beats showcased their Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection and gave an introduction to the brand philosophy with Radhesh Kagzi (President- Creative Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd) and Komal Vyas (Sr. Designer).The collection was sub divided in categories that celebrated the “diva” in every woman. From pretty pinks to boho chic gypsy collection and traditional ethnic… Read more →

Classic take on heritage embroideries

It’s the most beautiful time of the year as fall has officially arrived in town. The beautiful season must definitely be accompanied by beautiful clothing, and recently we saw a breath-taking collection called “Enchanted Garden” by Indian luxury brand Patine. The private showcasing of the Autumn-Winter 15/16 recently took place in The Oberoi hotel, where the swish set of the… Read more →

Gold lips

#trendalert Gold lipstick was a remarkable makeup trend at @prada Spring 16 runway at the  Milan Fashion Week. Would you give it a try? Yes or No, let us know!
#trendalert Gold lipstick was a remarkable makeup trend at Prada Spring 16 runway at the Milan Fashion Week. Would you give it a try? Yes or No, let us know!

A week of zip-zap-zoom for Miss hot wheels

If only cars could talk they would scream (perhaps, honk) out loud with their unique personalities; to decode the car craze for speed lovers we bring in Swati Bagga, a certified F1 racer and car lover, to talk about seven cars for seven days of the week. The heiress of SB Group of Companies, a passionate supercar enthusiast and an automobile expert, she spends a lot of time studying car trends and technologies.

Swati Bagga, car enthusiast
Swati Bagga, car enthusiast

This car crazy girl has a fleet of cars like Ferrari, Jaguar F Type,   Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes Benz SLK and BMW Z4 parked in her backyard, and she loves her swanky rides more than anything else in the world. Swati mentions that her speedy affair with cars started at a young age, and she recalls, “Cars are my ultimate passion, and sometimes I feel they are part of my system — I breathe, live and adore my cars. I have studied automobiles and I take very good care of these beauties.”  Though she had a tough time picking her favourites, Swati shares her experience with Miss. Junebug about how she associates each day of the week with these gorgeous rides.

  1. Monday: Mercedes Benz SLK merc 1

First day of the week and early morning I head for work, hence I swear by a comfortable and an easy drive. Since the ground clearance of the SLK is not that low and the compact size of this beautiful tristar makes it a very comfortable and a relaxed drive. Sometimes in the morning as one heads to office, and the weather is good one can press the hard top convertible hood button and enjoy the open air experience. For me it’s a pleasure drive that comes with luxurious space and ease, and that’s how I like to begin my week.

  1. Tuesday: Sedan – Audi A6 or Mercedes Benz E- Class audi 2

 I am a religious and spiritual girl, and for me it’s a must to go to a temple on Tuesdays. Especially when I talk about Tuesday there is a lot of rush on roads and I prefer to use a sedan on this particular day so that I find an easy parking and people don’t fiddle with the car. I like to pick an Audi A6 or Mercedes Benz E- Class or sometimes even Ford Fiesta as it gives me a sense of relief while driving in crowded areas. These cars are easy to handle in the small lanes, especially in areas where traffic is an issue sedans are a big relief.

  1. Wednesday:  Jaguar F – Type jaguar f type 3

Presently this is one of my top favouite cars out of the whole lot that I have owned and driven. The Jaguar F-type has its own charm as this British machine speaks pure “royalty.” It is a pleasure to drive this beautiful machine, which is also very artistically designed and has won a lot many awards internationally. It can give any other super car a big complex with its beauty, luxury and advanced technology. This car is very special to me as it is my birthday gift and also it is the very first Jaguar F- type of New Delhi. I like to drive it as much as I can take it where ever I can.

  1.     Thursday :   Lamborghini Gallardo lambo 4

Well I must admit the bull needs a lot of pre-planning of the route map when it needs to be taken out. The Lamborghini Gallardo has a very low ground clearance and hence the bumper can get damaged if encountered with a rough path or a bump on the road and it can also give a big jerk. The Lutyen Zone is the best area to enjoy driving this car as the roads are big and pretty neat to handle this beast. Cars like Lamborghini cannot be taken to local markets and due to their size parking problems. The best place to take such cars is to a 5 star hotel, as safety of the vehicle is a major concern as there is ample space to park them with ease. However, when I am out I make sure I self park and don’t hand over the keys to the valet as this mean machine is not everyone’s cup of tea!

  1. Friday : BMW Z4 bmw 5

As the weekend starts I prefer taking out the cutest car — BMW Z4 – although, it is not only cute but also comes studded with a very powerful engine. It shares two common things with its rival Merc SLK — the first is the hard top convertible roof and second its size. This car can be taken anywhere without any problems, even to local markets / malls with much ease. Not to forget yes it has a low ground clearance too but not so low that it can be managed. So this powerful German cutie is an ultimate ride for Delhi/NCR roads and that’s what makes it my weekend special. I just love driving this baby as I have the freedom to take it out anywhere without worrying much about its maintenance.

  1. Saturday:  Sedan – Mercedes Benz S- Class merc 6

The most ultimate luxury liner according to me is the Mercedes Benz S – Class. Saturday is a family day and I love to drive this car as comes with a Harman Kardon system, recliner seats, fridge, led screens and in-cabin entertainment system, a powerful engine and much more. It is a sure shot luxury experience and that’s why it my favourite sedans of all times. It’s a complete package and one can have easy conversations while driving as the comfort of this vehicle makes one feel like you are sitting in your living room. In short I would describe it as “elegance personified” and that makes it perfect for a weekend ride.

7. Sunday:  The Prancing Horse-  Ferrari

Here comes the Goddess of roads. What should I say about this car! It is a masterpiece, fine crafted porcelain and the ultimate feel good factor. As a car lover, it’s my dream come true. I take it out on Sundays for an early morning spin and love to take it on the track. The track is the only place which can do justice to the speed of a car like this. There is no comparison to this car, and can never be. Not to forget it has F1 Aerodynamics as well.  It is not less than a rocket on road. Yes it too has low ground clearance like most of the other cars of this category but not to worry at all it has a lifter which lifts the car automatically the moment its sensors sense any hurdle, so there is no need to worry about a bump or a breaker so much. This vehicle ensures the best possible drive ever, and a perfect end to a swift week!

Swati Bagga rides her favouite Ferrari on a Sunday

Memorable affair with a notable cause

Some things in life are really special, and when it is associated with a good cause the impact is multifold. Recently, the affluent families of the capital from the Rotary Club of Delhi Royals organized the third edition of Royal Affaire in association with The Grand hotel, Skoda and Volvo to raise money for helping the needy in Delhi and… Read more →

Bag for belle

Check out Bollywood star Kalki Koechlin making a stylish statement at the #MilanFashionWeek in a stunning LBD paired with an amazing handbag. She made a guest appearance at the #Furla Spring/Summer 2016 show, where she carried the “Fantasia” bag from Furla’s SS16 collection.
Check out Bollywood star Kalki Koechlin making a stylish statement at the #MilanFashionWeek in a stunning LBD paired with an amazing handbag. She made a guest appearance at the #Furla Spring/Summer 2016 show, where she carried the “Fantasia” bag from Furla’s SS16 collection.

Culinary trail at Oktoberfest

By Deep Guha  Dear lovely people it is Oktoberfest time and like every year a lot of travellers and foodies from all across the world will be gathering in the city of Munich to enjoy the guzzling and madness. We were told that this year around 6 million visitors are expected to invade the city of Munich to relish the… Read more →