Scent of luxury: A guide to pairing fragrances for creating a signature scent

By Rajiv Sheth

Ever wondered why when you’re walking down your favourite market, there seem to be two-three familiar fragrances that inevitably waft past you. Of course, you know the ones I’m talking about. But what makes a scent truly your own if everyone seems to be wearing it? I think we all know someone who leaves a delicious cloud of fragrance lingering long after they have left the room — and yet, no one can quite pinpoint what the scent was. 
Everyone has a particular scent they abide by, but if you’re open to experimenting, or trying something new, have you tried pairing fragrances? The art of cocktailing, mixing and matching different scents to create your very own signature scent. Did you know that the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, mixes scents to create his signature scent?

How to Pair Fragrances 
Pairing fragrances can mean spritzing two or more fragrances over your body on your pulse points. For example, it can mean spraying one perfume on your wrist and the other fragrance on your neck to create a unique scent. The fragrances can be sprayed on your pulse points such as wrists, collar bone, behind the ears, inner elbow and behind the knees. Some unconventional areas to spritz can be on your chest or cleavage, torso and hair. Heavier scents can be sprayed first, so they don’t overpower the lighter scents. 
Play around with different combinations, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Let your nose guide you. Perhaps, you’re feeling revitalised after your yoga session in the morning and plan to dash out of the door for your Sunday grocery shopping. You might want a scent to carry that rejuvenated vibe through the day. So spritz the Sparkling Citrus on your pulse points with Creamy Sandalwood for a fun and fresh vibe, and make a unique impression.

A New Day, A New Fragrance Combination
 We go through an array of emotions in a day — we all have different moods and are not unidimensional. So, how do you build a fragrance wardrobe based on how you’re feeling during the day? Pairing encourages you to find your fragrance based on your mood, season, or quirks. Because no two days are the same, and no two people are the same. Perhaps, you’re getting ready for a night out. Spritz on Warm Oud with the heady scent of Velvet Tuberose to create a luxurious, distinctive and intoxicating scent.

Pairing Combinations to Love this Season 
Here are some more fun recommendations for you to try out; so, have fun, play and experiment and find the scent combinations you love, or are in the mood for.

An Addictive Charm: Gourmand Vanilla – 4 sprays; pairs well with Delicate Lily – 2 sprays

Be Intense: Velvet Tuberose 4 sprays; pairs well with Crunchy Green 2 sprays 
 Smooth Operator: Warm Oud 3 sprays; pairs well with Fizzy Fresh 3 sprays 
 A Comforting Feel: Creamy Sandalwood 4 sprays; pairs well with Sparkling Citrus 2 sprays 

Do you pair fragrances? What are your favourite scent pairing combinations? Tell us in the comments below.

(The author is a Nose, Creative Director & CEO at All Good Scents)