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A ‘dash’ of technology that will change the way you’ll look at the food menu

Reading a menu to order food is so passé, it’s time to watch what you gonna eat (like literally)! Won’t it be wonderful if we could see the making of the food before placing an order? A lot of embarrassment and confusion — averted. Often frequent travelers and food enthusiasts face a dilemma of what to eat when they have… Read more →

In a quest for timeless beauty

For most of us beauty is a subjective matter and it clearly lies in the eyes of the beholder; however the beauty of flawless skin and toned frame gets appreciated in all age groups. When we are young, shiny hair and supple skin comes as a natural gift; although with age there are special ways to preserve and sustain the… Read more →

Lure of luxury at lucrative prices

For a lot of people in India, when it comes to luxury in fashion segment many a times the choices are very limited and priced dearly. However, for the true connoisseurs of luxury who feel that prices play spoiler in Indian luxury market, there’s a brilliant solution by the name of Darveys.com. This online portal retails top international luxury brands… Read more →

Age of decadence decends at Sabya’s dream store

Imagine discovering a secret hideout that takes you into the bygone era that indulges all your senses with sights and sounds that are carefully curated by a dreamer. When we visited the newly opened flagship store of Kolkata based designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee at One Style Mile, Mehrauli, we were floored by the decadent influences from art, fashion and luxury that fused… Read more →