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Shoot, Share, Print – Three Simple Steps To Store Memories Of A Lifetime   

By Prachi Shrivastava Personally, I feel that a visit down the memory lane is one of the most therapeutic activities for me on a dull day. In fact, I know a lot of people who flip through old photo albums to glance through their best memories when they feel lonely – and they always bounce back with positivity.  In today’s… Read more →

Keep Your Skin Happy, Follow These Simple Tips — A Cosmetologist’s Advice For Dummies  

Someone once told me that our skin is the most honest organ – what you put inside, it shows outside. Anytime you are stressed, undernourished or careless with hygiene, your skin doesn’t take much time to show the ill effects of what’s wrong inside your system. Interestingly, a few weeks back I had a very insightful session about skin issues… Read more →

Ready For A Mind-Blowing Experience In Your Living Room? Check Out The Q LED TV Series By Samsung

By Prachi Shrivastava Some may call it a lifestyle choice and for some it could be a living room makeover – a TV is no more the idiot box that is meant to be in corner of a room. If you to move ahead of time and create an extraordinary home-viewing experience in your living room, Samsung QLED TV should… Read more →

Unveiling of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+: Samsung’s Next Big Thing

By Prachi Shrivastava The world of technology is all about new launches and smarter features, and any gadget freak would agree that the most-awaited event of this season was the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ by this massively popular South Korean electronics brand. When we were invited to come witness the grand launch in India on April… Read more →

A ‘dash’ of technology that will change the way you’ll look at the food menu

Reading a menu to order food is so passé, it’s time to watch what you gonna eat (like literally)! Won’t it be wonderful if we could see the making of the food before placing an order? A lot of embarrassment and confusion — averted. Often frequent travelers and food enthusiasts face a dilemma of what to eat when they have… Read more →

Luxury ideas for kitchen crafts

One often wonders why luxury is so dear for those who appreciate and shell out a considerable amount to acquire high standards. When we were invited to experience the German engineering and excellence at the Miele lounge in Gurgaon, it was quite evident why some things are designed to be Immer Besser (forever better). The 115 year old company was… Read more →

The unseen, unheard, unexplored realm of Iceland

What happens when a group of 25 Indian adventure seekers head to the most isolated terrains of the world and face unprecedented challenges thrown by nature? Iceland, the beautiful and untouched territory of ice, is a destination for brave hearts. Tushar Agarwal tells us all about his week spent in the land of extreme adventures. By Tushar Agarwal My Iceland… Read more →

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