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Personalized Gifting Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

There’s a reason why greeting card shops are so popular among people of all age groups — they are the best place to find memorable gifts for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, festivals etc without spending a bomb. Now imagine if we had a gift shop with compartmentalised gift options depending on the requirement of occasions and relationships — won’t… Read more →

Love In Times Of The Internet? Five Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Say Yes

He swiped right, she swiped right and BAM ! their souls matched. Beautiful thought, isn’t it? But hey don’t be fooled as love in times of the Internet is not so simple as it looks. Welcome to 2016, where love is on fire and most online lovers are ready to jump in. When they say ‘How deep is your love’… Read more →

Shop, splurge, surf @Jabong.com

While most of the people I have met lately are already hooked to online shopping, it took me some time to get the hang of this hoopla. Interesting, a friend who works with http://www.jabong.com, asked me to try out shopping at this lifestyle website. At first i was little unsure because i like to touch and hold the things i shop, but this experience… Read more →

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