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Love In Times Of The Internet? Five Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Say Yes

He swiped right, she swiped right and BAM ! their souls matched. Beautiful thought, isn’t it? But hey don’t be fooled as love in times of the Internet is not so simple as it looks. Welcome to 2016, where love is on fire and most online lovers are ready to jump in. When they say ‘How deep is your love’… Read more →

Telegram from Kanelle

So later this week we received a beautiful telegram-inspired invite from a pretty Delhi-based designer Kanika Jain, who is the creative head of fashion label Kanelle. The invite to her beautiful store in Shahpur Jat for an exclusive showcasing of her beautiful Spring-Summer 2015 apparel and accessory line was a delight indeed. Once we reached this beautiful kiosk, a line of… Read more →

Modern love

Matters of heart are pretty convoluted. Easier said than done, but sometimes i wish that if only we could bubble-wrap our feelings and put them in the treasure or trash category, life would have been much easier. But, come to think of it, life could be pretty simple if we actually learn how to distinguish among the two. Well lets… Read more →

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