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Explore Georgia – a unique gem that shines between Asia and Europe with all its beauty

    By Ruchira Guha While most modern people like to greet each other with a traditional hello, in the beautiful country of Georgia one should ideally say Gamarjoba! And, if you want to look more local, just add a line “rogora khar”, which means how are you? Sounds like Dothraki, is it? Well, for a traveller, picking up local… Read more →

The unseen, unheard, unexplored realm of Iceland

What happens when a group of 25 Indian adventure seekers head to the most isolated terrains of the world and face unprecedented challenges thrown by nature? Iceland, the beautiful and untouched territory of ice, is a destination for brave hearts. Tushar Agarwal tells us all about his week spent in the land of extreme adventures. By Tushar Agarwal My Iceland… Read more →

Culinary trail at Oktoberfest

By Deep Guha  Dear lovely people it is Oktoberfest time and like every year a lot of travellers and foodies from all across the world will be gathering in the city of Munich to enjoy the guzzling and madness. We were told that this year around 6 million visitors are expected to invade the city of Munich to relish the… Read more →