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Look at that !

Call it what you want, but each public celebrity appearance is a well thought presentation that is designed carefully to bolster their image among fans. To decode these looks, all you need is to understand how designers and stylists work in tandem to doll up these glamorous clients in the most unique fashion. Here we give you a lowdown on… Read more →

Oh-Boho beauties !

    There is something about summers that makes this season so beautiful — the generous dose of colours and never-ending options in clothing and accessories makes it my favourite time of the year. Anyhow, the interesting part is that when we have no dearth of options, how do we go about choosing the best and leaving the rest? Well,… Read more →

Walk on a rainbow trail

Anyone who is in love with shoes and colours, couldn’t have asked for a better collaboration. The latest shoe range from Adidas in collaboration with pop artist Pharrell Williams is already out and topping our wishlist. The Adidas Originals Supercolor pack inspired by iconic superstar silhouette is translated into an enormous spectrum of 50 different Happy colours, and costs INR  6,000/- per pair (Not bad huh! ) So,… Read more →