Category: Game Changers

Those who lead and never follow are the ones who eventually become the game changers. This segment features some famous and some not-so-famous-right-now trendsetters, who are doing some interesting work in their respective fields. Worth a check, we say!

Reclaiming the dignity of artisans step by step

While we live in a time where capitalism and commercialization are at its peak, there are a handful of people who still take pride in being social advocates for old-school arts and craftsmanship. When we met Anar Patel (founder of Craftroots and Gramshree), she floored us with her simplicity and impeccable knowledge of Indian arts and crafts. A self-proclaimed “passionate… Read more →

India’s First Grand Slam Baseball Club is Ready To Turn Dreams Into Reality

“Here’s to the ones who dream, Foolish as they may seem,” most of you would recall this line from Oscar-winning title La La Land, which talks about aspirations and dreams in real life. A few weeks back we met the co-founder of Grand Slam Baseball, Raunaq Sahni, who shared a different kind of reel-life-inspired real story about never giving up on… Read more →

Make A Stop At This Beauty Station To Know How Pollution Affects Your Skin

Lately, Delhi was in news for its alarming levels of air pollution, and people couldn’t stop complaining how it was a nightmare for everybody. Now those who live here amidst toxic pollutants and particulate matter, it’s a daily struggle to keep themselves free from the harmful effects of pollution. Skin and hair expert, Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, recently hosted a talk… Read more →

Discover the coolest way to send gifts for your yaar ki shaadi

So your friends are getting married this year and you still haven’t figured out what are you gifting them yet? Well, we have found out a perfect solution to your gifting dilemma if you are planning to attend back-to-back weddings this year. We think the coolest way to go about gifting could be via a wedding gift registry portal, and the efficient folks… Read more →

A ‘dash’ of technology that will change the way you’ll look at the food menu

Reading a menu to order food is so passé, it’s time to watch what you gonna eat (like literally)! Won’t it be wonderful if we could see the making of the food before placing an order? A lot of embarrassment and confusion — averted. Often frequent travelers and food enthusiasts face a dilemma of what to eat when they have… Read more →

An August gathering of friends at this shopping fest

What’s the best thing about shopping festivals? We’d say loads of brands and exciting deals that you don’t find anywhere else. In Delhi, the month of August started with a terrific shopping trunk show called “My Best Friend and Me” partnered by Shopwati. The central theme of this monsoon edition of #MBFM was affordable luxury and promotion of quality Indian… Read more →

For a ‘divaesque-ous’ occasion

In 2013, Delhi-based designer Simran Aggarwal launched her label ‘Diva Rose by Simran Aggarwal’ and decided to dress the modern woman in the comfiest couture ever! For almost three years, the designer was busy exploring about all the wardrobe essentials that a woman wants. We met the pretty face behind the label @divarosebysimranaggarwal today at the launch of their flagship store in… Read more →

Lure of luxury at lucrative prices

For a lot of people in India, when it comes to luxury in fashion segment many a times the choices are very limited and priced dearly. However, for the true connoisseurs of luxury who feel that prices play spoiler in Indian luxury market, there’s a brilliant solution by the name of This online portal retails top international luxury brands… Read more →

Delhi Gymkhana Club gets Book-marked!

Delhi Gymkhana Club, one of the elitist clubs in Lutyens’ Delhi, recently conducted its first edition of DGC Literature and Ideas Festival. It was for the first time that this exclusive club, which has a distinguished membership list of former Prime Ministers, senior Government and defense officials, members of the judiciary, corporate heads and other eminent citizens, opened doors for… Read more →

KISS and tell

She is one of the hottest presenters at the IPL cricket matches, and Archana Vijaya – a certified fashionista that she is – is taking her game to next level with her online accessory brand KISS. Recently, we met her at the launch of KISS pop party where she spoke to us about her passion for accessories. Her maiden online… Read more →